Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Captains log, stardate something something

Captain. Work. here. Am. learning. to. cope. with. the. idea. of. impending. leisure. again. With the. help of Pussy. Spock (and his. trusty sidekick)., am managing to. string more words together.

Yes, have managed to gnaw myself out from under that heavy load and while I am now missing a major bodypart, I'm free to live and play and blog again. Still lots to do, but most of it with a wobblier deadline than the last batch. Phew!

Since I'm on the track of playing with names of fictional characters, Bumblebee and I had great fun on our ride home together today. Apparently his class are reading something about a girl called Emily Eyefinger (the mind boggles) and they have been asked to write their own stories about this optidextrous chick. B decided he was going to write about Emily Eyefinger and the Jedi Masters (surprise!). He told me there were going to be a few Jedi masters involved, and a few Sith: Darth Sidious, Darth Maul, Count Dooku, General Grevious and Darth Vader. When I challenged him about the fact that there should only being two Sith in existence at any time, he asserted his rights as an author to change the story. So I told him not to be boring about using their right names -- why not write a parody? 'What's that?' he asked. Luckily, I'd shown him Grocery Store Wars the week before, and had a good point of reference. Once he got the idea, we were off. Darth Mole, Count Kookoo, Darth Silliest were just the start. But when we hit upon General Cheesiest and Darth Grater, I knew we'd struck gold. Now he's writing (in theory, no pencil has touched paper yet) a story about a battle between General Cheesiest and Darth Grater where DG's lightsabre shreds the General into little bits. I'm sure Emily will have some sort of role in it, probably playing that classic role of the supportive woman who picks up all the pieces at the end.


Lucy Tartan said...

Emily Eyefinger huh? I poked myself in my own eye quite violently yesterday morning, not with my finger though, with my hairbrush, I was too enthusiastically brushing my hair. I'm having to stay in thehouse for the rest of the week as it's gone a bit purple.

Zoe said...

there should only being two Sith in existence at any time

absolutely spot on, yoda

Ampersand Duck said...

Gosh darn it! I KNEW Emily Eyefinger was ringing huge bells in my head -- Laura's gravita! Thank goodness. Now I can pick something else to fret over.

I hope your eye is recovering. I remember when Bumblebee got a bruise over one eye and I was glared at until it healed, as if I did it! Is Dorian getting the same treatment?

Lucy Tartan said...

It is almost better now, thankyou. We had to go have dinner with my supervisor and his wife two nights ago, rather a big deal it was, and my eye was nicely purple. I was careful to explain how it happened but the whole time I was thinking of the medical drama cliches about the woman who *says* she walked into a door, and who knows whether they believed me or not. The evening was torture, & I'm sure my lovely black eye contributed.