Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sneaking a peek

Overheard whilst unloading groceries at Woollies last night, from a couple waiting in line; she was looking around, he was looking at the NW cover with preggie Paris:

Him: You should buy that magazine.
Her: I don't want to read that magazine!
Him: I don't care if you don't want to read it. I want you to pretend to be buying it for you so that I can read it later.
Her: Buy your own magazine.
Him: I don't want to be seen buying it!

I peeked around and she was resolutely unpacking groceries while he had the magazine in hand, sneaking his own peek. I wish I'd hung around to see if he'd casually thrown it onto the shopping or not...


harry said...

A real man would have bought it. He would have saved it til last and then added at the end with "And a woman's mag, thanks."

That's how I tried to order a cocktail the other day. I was hoping to buy the "lame drink trifecta": Light beer, light beer shandy, girliest cocktail.
So I asked "And what's the girliest cocktail you have?"

I have ordered the "Wankiest cocktail." The barman asked me to explain. I told him I wanted the cocktail that wankers drank.
Apparently that is a White Russian.

harry said...

Oh, but the whole point of my post was sitting in a cafe in Melbourne.
I don't drink coffee but the other three did and ordered accordingly.
I was the last to order and told the waitress "I'll have a manly drink, thanks. ... Hot chocolate."

She came back with the drinks and identified them as she handed them out. She ended with "...and the girls drink." placing it before me.

A cool chick that.