Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Stoopid ears

So apparently I cannot print today because I went to the doctor about feeling dizzy ever since New Year's Eve and lo! I have not partied too hard, I have Labyrinthitis. No, not a morbid fear of minotaurs or of walking into confusing spaces, but a viral ear infection that gives me dizziness and flu-like symptoms. I have to drink lots of fluids and rest and not drive too much, move too fast and according to my husband, this means not operating my press. Even a little bit.

Poo bum.

So I have gone through the pantry and found all the dregs of the Christmas treats: half a box of Roses, some gingerbread, etc, and am lying on the bed snorting at Kate Beaton cartoons. Here are some of my favorites:

Dude watching with the Brontes

Victoria & Albert

Courtly Love

Jane Austen transcends fandom

Yesterday I found a hard copy of her book in Paperchain Bookshop, but I didn't have my Christmas book voucher with me so had to leave it behind *sob*. I hope it's still there when I get the chance to drive over again.

I was in Manuka yesterday to see Albert Nobbs, which is a grand story about women that will be very popular in womanly circles. I certainly enjoyed it. Glenn Close makes a very good man, mainly because her hands aren't pretty. My biggest beef about any movie involving Barbara Streisand (only slightly off-topic) is that she always has a perfect manicure, no matter if she's playing a struggling dish-washing girl or a man or an ordinary woman. Ruins the illusion every time.


*more pouting*


Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Oh poor Duck, how horrid! I hope the doc gave you some sort of anti-nausea thingy. Rest sounds excellent. xx

Alexia said...

Darn - fancy feeling bad without the pre-partying!

Hope you feel better soon as.

(those cartoons are beyond hilarious)

AMCSviatko said...

If you're desperate for the book, give them a call and put it on hold: I can pick up the voucher from you and pop over to Paperchain at lunchtime for you...

Elephant's Child said...

That sounds truly sucky. I hope it leaves you fitter than a ukulele soon.

elsewhere said...

Sorry to hear about your stoopid ears--hope you get over your postmodern illness soon!

Sara Bowen said...

Get well soon! Think of it this way: you're being ill AND eating all the chocolates very early in the year, which means that you WILL BE WELL and SLIM for the rest of 2012. Huzzah!

Julie Russell-Steuart said...

Occasionally, I get dizzy spells. At first it was kind of fun, but my the second day the careening world wore on me....blood pressure was low, that was all I could figure. Anyway, I'm almost ROFLMAO with the Kate Beaton comics! And I'm wishing you a speedy recovery!

Narelle said...

dont pout.
Thanks for your lovely comments to me, what does WV mean?
Anyways, I can completely sympathise as that's what Mark had earlier in the year and he has had a rather rough trot - so DO rest, take care and please ask if you want/need anything. Even a visit for a chat if you find you are feeling well enough and chipper for visitors.

Ampersand Duck said...

AH HA! Oh, I'm so glad you commented, Narelle. I KNEW someone I know had had it, and I couldn't put my finger on it, and now I'm smacking my forehead and going DUH. Man, my memory is shocking. Faaaaarrrrk. I think I'm a minor case compared to Mark, but I'm trying not to drive unless I have to and not to be too strenuous. Mind you, I just had a good dance & it felt ok, although nodding my head gets freaky.

Julie, my blood pressure is textbook perfect, which consoles me. Inner ears, however... GAH.

Oh, Nay... WV is Word Verification. Sometimes they ask you to type in something that is very funny or quite apposite.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are better, thanks for the into to Kate Beaton.