Sunday, January 08, 2012


Hello! My ears are a bit better after making myself do very little for a while. Then I got really bored, because I'd already given myself a really restful holiday, and I was gagging to get back to work just when the Doctor told me to stop. So I've been pottering around the studio, building up the stamina to really get into things.

This weekend was Summernats weekend, an annual rev-head car festival, and it traditionally makes a lot of noise - plus the dickhead population increases tenfold in our part of town, which is just near the festival venue. It drives BB crazy, so when he mentioned wanting to go to Sydney to catch up with visiting UK-based friends, I jumped at the chance to send him away and really start something solid.

Off he drove, leaving me with two straight days to be in my studio with the music pumped and the ink rolling so as to ignore the sound and smell of tyre burn-outs across the way.

I've been meaning to produce a type sampler for ages, mainly as a tool for my working process and to show people what fonts I can use, and because it's a huge endeavour to get a sample of everything out and arranged usefully, I might as well print a stack of them to give to people over the years.

Here's a few images from the weekend. There's more at my flickr site. I've been printing non-stop, have pulled over 500 prints and I'm just under halfway through! The rest will take a couple of weeks just because I have to juggle it with everything else. BB came home tonight and grumped about the kitchen being filthy, but I made no apologies, because there were better things to be doing all weekend. Voila:

drawn plan 1

Stonetop 1

Allsorts chase

Drying rack load 2

Padge rack

As you can see, Padge helped. I want him to give me a foot massage (they ache to buggery), but he's not very keen.


ronnie said...

gads - what fun!

Elephant's Child said...

Our black cats have been spending time in that pose as well. And also not giving foot massages. For someone who was taking it easy, you seem to have achieved heaps.
And there are always better things to do than clean the kitchen. Heres hoping the ears continue to improve.

Sara Bowen said...

Yes, I hate to think how hard you'd be working if you were in top gear! Glad the ears are back in working order... I was thinking of sending Padge a massage course voucher for Christmas but then I realised he's already fully employed and probably really needed the break.

Penthe said...

Your resting is very productive indeed, I must say. I think you should take Padge's example and lie down and contemplate your glory for a bit.

Ampersand Duck said...

I think I will, Penthe. It was quite dumb to push myself like that, but I did take lots of (short) breaks, trooly rooly. I still get dizzy, especially if I move my head too fast, so I will try to pace myself now that my house is filling up again. (Bumblebee gets back on Wed! Yay!)

Mindy said...

"lie down and contemplate your glory for a bit. "

I've never heard it called that before! *boom tish*

Seeing how productive you are when you are sick makes me feel tired. Glad you are on the mend.