Saturday, January 28, 2012


I finally finished my type sampler.

(If that doesn't load for you, go here)

I also wrote about it here.

That done, I'm going to head over to Crazybrave Zoe's for an unAustralian hot pot party. Australia Day itself was pretty good; I took Bumblebee to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy shindig but we left before it all got excitingly stoopid. Then there was an afternoon of fine press printing, and then the fireworks I mentioned earlier. Something for everyone, don't you think?


Elephant's Child said...

I love your type sampler. I am sure that you could not have completed it without the assistance of Mr Padge. Who did look very supervisory.

Penthe said...

It's beautiful. The sampler, I mean, although the day out sounds pretty nice as well.

Word verification is mommout, which pretty well describes what I am feeling at present. If I was from the US.

seepi said...

I saw a type case on gumtree and thought of you - gorgeoius,m but asking 1000.00.... sigh

ronnie said...

blogger ate my very nice comment - bad blogger! (nice type sampler!)

Anonymous said...

this is fabulous!! how long all up
did it take to do? and love the
cats to bits!
diane friend of narelle p or Nell
as i call her

Ann ODyne said...

GLAD you took Bumblebee, and GLAD you got her away before any over-zealous AFPs started manhandling** (oh god what an awful word I'm sorry) her.

** probable trigger: I have just come from reading news from Afghanistan that a creep strangled his wife for having a girl infant.

FONTS: just saw one new to me - the Saul Bass. just brilliant.

we all know him for the opening titles of movie Walk On The Wild Side. he was a huge influence on graphic art of that era.

Top Gear informed me that a woman designed the Transport font we see on roadsigns. I wonder if women outnumber men in font creation?

Thank you for reading, and now,
because it defies fonting I will just ellipsis away ...