Monday, May 09, 2011


Having not been in any exhibitions yet this year, I'm now in two in the same week.


The first is a group show of ANCA tenants celebrating the kickass fact that we now have a wonderful roof of solar panels powering our gallery and office and feeding back into the ACT grid in a way that will pay them off within five years and then will generate a lovely bit of income for us, so that hopefully we can keep having hired help to run the gallery etc instead of having to do it ourselves.

I've been helping to hang the show after work and I must say that it's a really, really cool show, full of strong, diverse and engaging work.

The opening is on Wednesday at 6pm, 1 Rosevear Place, Dickson, and we're having some interesting people speaking: Dr Richard Denniss from the Australia Institute, Anne Clark from local organisation See-Change, plus there will be lots of information available for anyone interested in knowing more about solar installation and rebates. To add a bit of zing, we have wine and food sponsors (Casella Win, the ANU Food Co-Op, Homeleigh Olives and Choku Bai Jo) to help you relax and enjoy the art, darlings.

We're also having a few open studios at ANCA Dickson and Mitchell from 12 to 5 on Saturday (14 May) if you want to have peeks at working artists and see the show.


This is one of Megalo's excellent Members' Shows, and the theme is artist's books, so of course I had to make sure I was in it, it would have been shameful to let it slip. There are a few things happening within the show, besides books made by the members -- there's also the first leg of one of my side-projects, a group rolling show called Flipping Books (able to be entered by anyone, contact me for details!), and a big group concertina Exquisite Corpse book. Lots to see!

The opening of BOOK is Thursday at 6pm, at Megalo, Canberra Technology Park
49 Phillip Ave, Watson.

So, that's Wednesday and Thursday nights sorted! Hope you can make it.


Penthe said...

Sounds like a damn fine week o art.

Cat Drawings said...

All sounds fabulous. Have a great time - and congrats.

Elephant's Child said...

Wonderful. If the car is released from the crash repair person we will try and look. Have a great week.