Saturday, May 14, 2011


Ergh. Am emotionally exhausted.

We finally got to have a Friday-night-movie date night last night, to see Source Code (which I highly recommend, am in now officially in lerv with Duncan Jones), and then when we got home we had a big fight about something stupid, so that bedtime was late and terse until we snuggled up against the cold and said sorry. Fights don't last long, but the shockwaves linger a while. We're not fighting types, and certainly don't find them invigorating like some couples do.

Then I woke up and went to the local farmers' market and bought nice things, including two big yummy slabs of Amore cakes (Autumn Spice and Lemon Buttermilk & Raspberry, for enquiring minds). I ran into a family friend and was told a distressing thing about the health of ff's spouse, even closer family friend, then walked around in a daze for a while. When I got home I discovered that I'd left the cake box somewhere at the markets, Ceiling Cat knows where. Tracking the memory of what my hands were holding, I think I put the box down either at the fish stall or the herb stall. In either case, no-one yelled or ran after me to pass on the box. I hope whoever finds it enjoys the excellence of Sam's cooking.

So breakfast was still nice, but cake-free, which left me feeling not only wobbly but bereft. Now I'm going to the studio for a while to distract myself, and Colonel Duck is kindly coming up from Bega to do some chainsaw gardening for me. By the end of the weekend I'm hoping to have finished bookshelves to paint, and new bits of the garden to work over. That will solve the shakies, fingers crossed.

Oh, forgot to say that Bernice is back in town. Go and say hello. Play nice, childrens.
PS: Her post seems to have disappeared. I will hassle her. Maybe it's Blogger's fault, they've been half-arsed all week.


Helen said...

2011 has been so sucktastic. I don't know whether it is this ususual planetary alignment or what. Two deaths over our way so far, both untimely and tragic.

Is Source Code OK for 14 yo boy? Looking for things to take mine to. I find it difficult to find good movies for teenage boy. Movies are either pitched too young for them or if not, they find it necessary to include gratuitous porny bits because the 20/30something dudebros expect it or whatever.

Elephant's Child said...

Not fair. Treats should not disappear into the ether and I being less generous than you hope that they give the recipients severe indigestion. Or piles. Or scabies. Hope the weekend sees your equilibrium restored.

WV: grres

tc said...

takes a while to shake that kind of mood too...hope the painting and gardening weaves its magic

Ampersand Duck said...

Ta, all.

Helen, there's no sex; a bit of vaguely graphic blowing up; probably the worst thing is [SPOILER] towards the end when you see what the soldier actually looks like. I intend to make my 14yo boy, because I think it pitches some really interesting moral issues that he should think about as a gamer/human. So yes, take him.

Ampersand Duck said...

erm, I'm going to *take* him, not make him. Already done that :)

Helen said...

And done it very well! ;)

naomi said...

Hugs honey. You will get your caek, you will!