Monday, May 30, 2011


I've had a crappy half a day. Once I realised it was going to be craptacular and I was going to be miserable, I decided to put a stop to the normal day's plan and sook at home with a fire and the cats. I didn't feel well, and then I got a couple of bad news emails. So, as I have already stated on Facebook, I took Paul or John's advice: I lit a fire. It wasn't good Norwegian wood, it was quite hard-to-burn farm wood, but it cheered me up and in the end I got quite a lot done, between marshmallows. The cats had never seen open flames before, and were quite backwards in coming forwards to lie with me on the floor. They snuggled up behind me on a chair, and I rejoiced in the joy of portable laptops and cushions.

In honour of cheering up and stumbling upon it again in my archives, I am revisiting one of my all-time favorite personal posts. Here it is, titled Pride and Piracy, from waaay back in 2005:

It's been an entertaining day, but only on-line. Laura posted her excellent critique of the P&P movie, Pirates of Pemberley which has sparked all sorts of conversations. I thought I'd add another element to the fun: a visual one. Here then, are my P&P vignettes, whipped up with a dash of photoshoppery. All credit for the original images goes to the wonderful pirate image archive.









Oh la!


Jane said...

Your craptacular day sounds..rather delightful - sweet surrender is the only way to go at such moments...Oh and I like your precision ie. it was only HALF a day ..

fmark said...

Thanks for cheering me up on a long night of thesiating!

Helen said...

Great stuff and well worth a repost!

Elephant's Child said...

No wonder it was a favourite post. Thanks for revisiting. I love the expression craptacular and may borrow it. And treating it with cats and fire seems a very good start though red wine and chocolate may not have gone astray either. Hope your world is looking up again.

Świat Alex'a said...

Wow super blogg. Its cool. Z przyjemnoscią tu jeszcze kiedyś wrócę. pozdrawiam