Friday, December 17, 2010

terribubbly sad but happy too

To be honest, I didn't know that Ruth Park was still alive until yesterday when she died. She's three years older than the Aged Poet (who is 90), so she had a lovely long life (although I hope she enjoyed her Extreme Old Age more than the AP is).

We are huge fans of The Muddle-headed Wombat. I packed the books away yesterday so I can't give you an example of the wonderful writing. Best Beloved was reading them aloud to me when I was sick recently and he does all the voices so well. In our minds Padge is Wombat and Puss is Pooter. Secretly in my mind, I am Mouse, Bumblebee is Wombat and BB is Puss.

Her novels and autobiographical work are wonderful as well, of course, but if she'd only ever written TMHW, it would have been legacy enough. Thank you, RP, and RIP.

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The most excellent news is that after some high-tension negotiation argy bargy, we got to a price we could pay on the house we like. We haven't exchanged contracts yet, so cross fingers for me that all goes well until then. The best bit of the agreement is that we will get access to the new house's garage between Exchange and Settlement to store all our boxes etc so that the old house can be clear and uncluttered for the Open House time! *big sigh of relief*

I was out last night, and I'd left a tense and gloomy household, because of the argy-bargy. They were supposed to be cooking dinner, but nothing much had happened by the time I left. Then I got a text saying BRING PIZZA AND CHAMPAGNE. Shazam! I happily did so, knowing that the world had just turned on its axis.

So I'm suspending my studio activities for a month (unless something really urgent comes up) and devoting my energy to packing, painting, patching, and what ever else comes up. Apart from Christmas, of course. It's going to be extra relaxing, because we know how much work is ahead of us. W00T!

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librarygirl said...

Not to be an old grinch at Christmas AD ( and I'm crossing fingers that you get the house) but make sure your garage stuff is properly insured.

Ampersand Duck said...

Thanks LG! Yes, we just thought of that too.

Ampersand Duck said...

Mind you, it's just going to be books and clothes & stuff, none of the expensive crap, and all probably not worth nicking, but yes. Insurance.

Sue said...

The four legged fiends and I wish you luck.

Helen said...

I'm so glad that the house gods have smiled on you!

Terribubbly sad about Ruth Park. What a coincidence - I just bought a copy of the Muddle Headed Wombat as a xmas present for a child a couple of days ago.

Mummy/Crit said...

Happy happy happy for you too! Not just fingers, but all extremities crossed here. Apparently in Swedish you say you're "holding your thumbs".

Carol said...

Yes, sad news about the wonderful Ruth, but great about your house. Fingers crossed for you though it all sounds good so far. Now relax a bit...

GS said...

All digits crossed but getting a bit crampy now. Good news yet? Please! Really hope you swing this one.

Mercury is in retrograde (for followers of astrobabble) til 30 December, so don't be tooooo quick to exchange contracts just yet. Just keep breathing and have faith, and double check all forms of communication. From memory it was going backwards at the time of both the UK and Aussie elections this year...all that uncertainty at the time.