Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not Wordless Wednesday

Although here's a little snap that could be wordless:


Oh, it's all excitement here.


Not wanting to jinx the process (I'm a practical person with odd little superstitions), we've put an offer in for the house we fell for, and have had a fairly positive response, with a few little points to negotiate (like the actual price), so it's full steam ahead for gussying up the Private Jetty for sale.

I've been trying to meet all my normal commitments whilst furiously painting bookshelves and packing books and knick-knacks to unclutter the space. I packed four boxes of little bits & pieces and afterwards couldn't even tell the difference, which was a bit depressing. Boxes are arriving en masse today so I can start packing up the piles of books that came from the main bookshelf in the loungeroom (that I've been meaning to paint for seven years, since it was built) and then we can move freely in the space again. One of the terms we're negotiating is to be able to use the garage space of the new house (which will eventually be Studio Duck) between Exchange and Settlement to store our boxes while we sell this house. Thankfully that shouldn't be a problem, according to the agent.

On the weekend I was sugar-soaping a few spots in readiness for paint and decided to use the rest of the bucket on the window-frames. Every spot I touched seemed to flake off, and I had a spot of the wobblies. Poor BB came in from the garden where he was doing a sterling job of de-ivying and de-cluttering and I had my first meltdown of the process, which was quickly defused by the swift administration of a chocolate brownie. Phew.

Ceiling Cat, bless sugar soap.

I'm so glad I'm not a painter as an artist. I really don't connect with the medium.

Of course, there has been help. Colonel Duck is here doing a marvellous job on the garden with his magic whippersnipper and DIY skillz

colonel pergola
(that's the nicest view of his bum that I could get out of three photos)

I'm very grateful, and have been plying him with tea and fruit cake and risotto and wine, etc.

And of course, the cats are helping.


Mr Padge walked all over the (removable) shelves I was painting out the front and got white paddy paws, and Mr Pooter sniffed the shelves and ended up with a white Hitleresque moustache. All washed off now, but fricking hilarious.

Here's something to make *you* laugh. It made me laugh like a drain, and was a great way to bring ancient Egyptian history alive for Bumblebee:

(For anyone without access to pictures, like Thirdcat, it's a clip about Oprah Winfrey giving thousands of her most devoted fans the chance to be buried with her in a vast tomb called the Oprahmidion (built by said fans), along with all her favorite products to be used in the afterlife. Comedy gold.)


Anonymous said...

Ooh! Cartoon op -- Premier of Victoria elbows to front rank to buried with Oprah.

And then I woke up!

genevieve said...

HEHEHEH. That's wonderful.
Will your team come and rip up my carpets so I can sell my house too? they seem to be the bomb. Happy movings!

ThirdCat said...

oh, my, that's made my heart beat a little fast...the pressure of cleaning and clearing

ps my own good is unblocked!

elsewhere said...

Congrats on the house!

Mindy said...

sending you lots of positive house selling vibes. I've got Sunday free so just sing out if you need anything.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I missed you since your last post - though with the aggravation/stress of moving/decluttering your life must be so full.

Lots of luck with the move.

librarygirl said...

Good luck with the house stuff.
So stressful but so exciting.

Bailey said...

Cats always do help. Mine (Dibbs) likes to lie on my computer and contribute to my paper writing. :) Stopping to snuggle with them is the BEST break ever, though, you've got to admit.

lucytartan said...

I was going to ask if you were feeling even slight remorse at years and years of Lifeline book fairing but then I saw the Goodies book on top of one of those piles.

Your other Wordless Wednesday photo had words in the image too....I think you cant help yourself, lol.

Looking forward immensely to hearing you're successul with the house purchase. Fingers crossed for you.

Ampersand Duck said...

No, no major regrets other than that the bit between my shoulder blades aches from the boxing up of it all.

Bit touch & go with the negotiations at the moment, but I've got my happy face on! Once more around the dance floor...

Murr Brewster said...

I was just looking for my cat tonight and somehow I hopped over here. Please send Tater home when you're done with her. Take your time--I'm enjoying the peace and quiet.