Monday, December 27, 2010

Achy breaky tummy

I seem to have (sob) lost my camera, so I can't share any pictures of the last couple of days. The company and the food has been amazing.

We had a collective effort for Christmas Day: fresh oysters from Tathra, prawns and ocean trout from the Sydney fish markets, ham from the Bega valley and turkey from... somewhere. Lots of salads, too, you'll be pleased to know. We ate and drank so much that dinner was missed, but not missed.

Yesterday the food splendiferousness was all due to my sister-outlaw, Dr Naomi and her new fellow who bears a passing resemblance to Shaun Micallef, something that might make Crazybrave Zoe jealous if she didn't have her own fellow who bears more than a passing resemblance to Keanu Reeves. My fellow bears a passing resemblance to Captain Haddock from Tintin, but I'm very happy with that.

The short part of that digression is that quasi-Shaun is a very nice fellow, and after a very delicious lunch of crayfish, barramundi, Vietnamese salads and sticky rice with mango and then after an extremely drunken game of Scrabble, he proved to be a perfect match for Dr Naomi, and has our blessings, not that she needed them.

Today we are having yet another eatathon, on behalf of another branch of the family. I think my stomach is going to fall out of my body through my bottom, it's getting so overloaded. My head is only just recovering from this morning's hangover (we drank a lot of champagne with our Scrabble). I don't think I'll do that again today, although I've already played three games of Chess and two of Scrabble.

It's been raining like the billy-o, which makes me very glad I'm not at the Woodford Folk Festival sloshing in the mud like my intrepid niece and nephew. No, the worst bit about this holiday is the incessant cricket watching by Colonel Duck, but it's bearable because [a] they're leaving tomorrow, so we'll have a few cricket-less days and [b] the worse it is for Australia, the cheerier Best Beloved becomes. He's humming around the house as I type, happy in the knowledge that the newspaper is bemoaning HUMILIATION OF A CENTURY. Honestly, I would have pegged that as something from the Vietnam War, or even Gallipoli, not a frigging cricket game.

Anyhoo, hope your stomachs are recovering. See you again soon.


Zoe said...

So by "after an extremely drunken game of Scrabble, he proved to be a perfect match for Dr Naomi" you mean HE IS AN OUTRAGEOUS CHEAT WHO WILL STOP AT NOTHING?

Srsly, can't wait to meet him. And yes, sometimes I do wonder why I was me that ended up with the Keanu :)

Mindy said...

Best Beloved would be even happier today then if the noise coming from the lounge room is any indication. I hope your camera turns up soon.

Cat Drawings said...

Don't you have an iPhone? They have cameras you know.

I'm with you on the cricket. Hope it's allover by tonight so I'll have some local radio to listen to tomorrow while I print umpteen thousand calico bags.

Jeremy Moore said...

Sounds like one of our many Christmas in Esperance with Dad, Ron, Doug and Dave. It was a waste of time them being there while the cricket was on!! Seems the Colonel would have fitted right in!

Looked for the Tiger Balm gardens without success.

naomi said...

Zoe, I was resoundingly thrashed in the scrabble and BB won't let me forget it.

It was a great day. Wish I had some more of that damned sticky rice ...

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