Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Sometimes I don't get cats. One minute they're fighting like cats & d... um, cats, and the next minute they're squished up inside a very small pet cushion cubby thing, being best snuggle buddies. Tuh.

Anyhoo, I'm putting out a call to any of you nice peoples who might have a copy of last weekend's Sunday Age, specifically the M magazine. Apparently there's an article in it about Zeichen Press, and Fran from the (American) ZP wrote to me on her Sunday, which was my Monday, and I missed it.

If you still have it, haven't wrapped your scraps in it or anything, let me know. Send me a copy and I'll scan it. Or even better, let Fran know directly and I'm sure she'll be suitably grateful. Maybe. She's a crazy chick, no telling what she'd do.


Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

The ways of the cat are mysterious indeed. It occurs to me that the fighting isn't actually a sign of animosity. Harriet and Beatrice sink their teeth into each others' necks on a daily basis, and then fall asleep in a tangle of each others' limbs, so I wonder if the tooth-sinking is just a form of mutual entertainment.

No Sunday Age here, sorry.

sarah said...

hiya - I'm just about to book woodford tickets, even considering your impression of last years festival as not as good as others. I'll give it a crack. One question though - do you stay in tent city or do you take your own stuff and set up your own tent? Do you drive from Canberra in a couple of days to get there? Any tips most appreciated - although understand you are probably HEEPS busy.
mucho thanks for an excellent blog.

Ampersand Duck said...

ALWAYS happy to answer questions, Sarah, especially when they're not about printing wedding invitations :)

We have a large car, so we take the tent & airbeds etc etc, anything we need. Except cooking equipment. We stop in Caboolture just before we get to Woodford, and buy supplies for (cold) breakfast and lunches, and we buy our dinner every night, because the range of food is excellent. So we pitch a tent, but only use the tent for sleeping in, because we're lucky to have stallholders to hang out with. Do be sure to bring some extra tarps, because if it starts raining heavily, you'll need them! They also make great sun shades.

They've started letting people in to reserve camping spots on Xmas Day!! Crazy, if you want to have a Xmas Day... so when people arrive on Boxing Day, all the best spots are taken. So be warned. There's lots of space, but a lot of it is a fair way from the festival. There are shuttle buses, which help, but one good thing about the tent city is that it's close to the action (and consequently all the noise...).

We generally take two days to drive up, staying somewhere cheap & cheerful along the way, never the same place twice. Usually we drive up inland, and down the coast on the way back.

I hope that helps! If you want anything more specific, let me know.

Maria said...

One minute they are fighting, next minute they are snuggling ... sounds like many a human relationship to me!

Not too much to worry about!

sarah said...

Thanks so much Ms Duckster - much appreciated. I am counting my pennies and aiming for tent city. I have also forwarded your reviews (linked by ex-Senator Bartlett) to my potential posse. Thanks so much for writing so well about the festival.

Anonymous said...

I have a comment!! One of the fine readers of this fine blog sent me a scan of the newspaper! I am so grateful that I am composing a series of poems in her honor. Look for them this Fall in the dairy aisle of your local supermarket. Or maybe here:
But not yet.

Anonymous said...

Um, go: