Friday, July 17, 2009


[waves hello]

Just nipping through now that I've unpacked from the Sturt Winter School in Mittagong and repacked for Brisbane. Most of the jumpers are gone, and I'm having trouble deciding what to wear, so I've packed far more than I should for the five days. I haven't hung out with the bibliographic set for ages, no idea how much they dress up for dinner, etc.


Sturt was fantastic, absolutely ripper. The group of gals (no lads this time) were imaginative and resourceful, needing very little in the way of intervention once they got into the swing of things, something I'm very grateful for because now I'm not as exhausted as I expected to be. I'm 2kg heavier and a candidate for gout, thanks to the vast quantities of boarding school food and self-administered alcohol, but that will work its way off when I start cycling again. Once I'm back from Brisbane. On Thursday. Or sometime.

I have got photos, but no time to upload them, or even to take them off the camera. They made some beautiful books, and beautiful boxes, so my course name was well chosen.

Sorry, must go. Need sleep.

[waves goodbye]


Mummy/Crit said...

I'm glad you had a good time at Sturt. I missed your blog. D keeps asking about B.

Penthe said...

Sounds glorious. Have fun in Brisbane town.

pk said...

Is there any other kind of alcohol?
Come over and check out the piece on bca

SUPER PC said...