Friday, July 24, 2009

cut.paste etc

Still running around like a blue-arsed fly; just about to drive Bumblebee out to meet his father and do our fortnightly hostage-swap, which is perversely fabulous parenting Quality Time since it's a 90 minute round trip.

Just thought I'd share some relevant links, since I'm letting you down (still haven't recharged my camera to get the bloody photos off it): Double Elephant's account of being in my class at Mittagong (thanks for all the nice feedback, which I'll give you in person when I get the chance!), and a small account of the CUT.PASTE exhibition at ANCA (where my studio is) by Butterflyrocket, one of the participants. I'm in the show too (with some of my recycled books and boxes), and have almost entirely missed it. It's all about collage in a very broad sense, and finishes this Sunday. It comes with a funky zine catalogue, too! If you can get there, do, it's a great show.

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