Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sad Kitties, Happy Peoples

Checkin' the funnies at lunchtime. A couple of them are so eerily like my cats that it made me wistful:


Mr Padge used to look like this, but he's grounded at the moment.


Mr Pooter looks like this ALL the time. He just needs a dress to make him look like he's actually cranky about something. Dunno why he's always cranky, because he's the only one allowed to go outside at the moment. He's getting to roll in the warm sunny grass.

Padge came home about ten days ago with a huge scratch across the top of his head, from ear to ear, and a lot of hair pulled out, plus scratches all over his body. I spent a lot of the next week carefully washing the wounds with warm water and Pears soap (my vet's recommended remedy) and I think we're in the all-clear with abcesses. But he's not been outside since; we're too nervous to let him out.

So he sits sadly at the windows (if we remember to open the curtains) and watches. Or sleeps. And gets fatter. If making him fat keeps him from wandering and fighting, then that's our choice for his life.

Tonight I'll add a photo of the real Padge, sitting sadly.

In other news, Hil from Spirits Dancing came to have morning tea at the Bookstud this morning, to catch up with me and give sage puppetry/theatre set advice to one of my students. We also have a visiting artist from Thailand who is doing etchings about puppets, so we had a very jolly and extremely interesting morning swapping ideas, theories and showing images. I think networking morning teas are the bomb, and I will try my darndest to have another one sometime. Thanks for coming, Hil!

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