Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday, monday...

I feel the urge to repeat how much I like my Monday Book class.

Every week we do some task or another, then at about this time of semester their personal projects start to develop and emerge, and we do a lot of troubleshooting.

This morning one of the students chose Neko Case from my CDs to listen to whilst we finished our clamshell boxes, and then sat down and showed me his work-in-progress, a book/cassette edition about the wonders of Dolly Parton... which meant, of course, that Dolly had to go on the stereo (we got to choose between 60s, 70s or 80s Dolly from his boxed set -- 60s was the decade of choice today).

Which somehow led to Ricki Lee Jones, which led to Jimmy Webb. Such a good morning's listening, all top songsters.

Some of the ideas I get to troubleshoot are fantastic, and working out a structural solution is so much fun. One person is working with air-dried fruit, and whilst we were talking about the doll-book she's constructing (with inner organs of dried fruit), I was teaching the figure-of-eight stitch to other students, and suddenly I had a vision of a tunic-style dress of rings of oranges or lemons using this stitch, which made her very excited and spawned a few other ideas.

When they all leave I'm a strange mix of buggered and buzzing. Luckily Jimmy is still crooning across the room, which is very soothing.

LATER: and another good thing about Mondays is that I get a bit of lunchbreak to cruise the blogs without guilt (a morning of tootling deserves a concrete break) and I find good things: weddings! odd children! and sundry kooky things! (Dorian, the last link is for you, if you haven't seen it.)

I managed to tape Flight of the Conchords on channel 10 last night, and was hoping to see it tonight before or after South Park. But! My evening just got hijacked over the phone. So I'll have to watch both tomorrow night, after I've done my homework. Sigh.

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