Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Mental Freak Day (girl talk warning)

I'm not working today. I'm having the opposite of a Mental Health day. I'm lying on the bed doped up with mild anti-inflammatories and heat packs trying not to freak out everytime I feel a gush between my legs, mentally chanting 'it's ok, it's only a period' repeatedly. I can't believe how nervy I am about this. I have taken my course of progesterone like a good girl. The doctors told me that my chronic bleeding should stop a few days into the course, and when the course finished, I would have a 'normal' period, which would 'jumpstart' my womb into normal cyclical behaviour. Sounded great. Except that my other bleeding only stopped on the 9th day of the 10-day course of pills, which gave me a whole day to enjoy undies without a pad. I am feeling optimistic about that one whole day, as it is proof that I can stop bleeding. But this 'normal' period isn't as 'normal' as all the cycles I've ever had in my life; it is more like the start of the last cycle, which the doctors euphemistically termed an abnormal period. So I am feeling a bit low and scared. At least this time I have kitties to sit next to me giving me love-slitty eyes and purring.

Taking a break from the bed (which is why I'm blogging), I had a cruise through the 'chick-blogs' I like to visit occasionally, and found this ripper of a post for new mothers. If you know anyone who need some reassurance, or just some validation of your own time as a new mother parent, have a read. It certainly made sense of my first couple of years as a single parent, a time I still flashback to like a bad acid trip.

Ok, time for lunch, a reheated wheat pad and lashings of kitty-love.

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