Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A Happy Valentine's Day

Best Beloved hasn't had a lot of experience with romance and women -- being convinced of his inner and outer freakiness, he had no teenage girlfriends, a few short but torrid flings (not enough to have had a broken heart) and no long relationships until I finally looked long and hard at him and decided that he was actually a bit of alright (and so emotionally unscarred, for an over 30 y.o.! With definitely no sign of freakiness). Mind you, it was a tortuous couple of vascillating years for both of us. I had a crush on him, to no avail, then he finally had one on me but I was over it. I remember telling him over a lunch that a mutual love of The Goodies and Harry Potter wasn't enough to base a relationship on, and his response was a blunt 'why not?'. At that point he knew what he wanted (me) and in retrospect I should have known that resistance was futile, especially when it involves a Taurus.

Anyway, this was BB's second conscious Valentine's Day. Last year we were too busy painting walls to care (once we fell in love, who was going to waste time? We dated for 6 months then moved in together, with Bumblebee's blessing). I sent him an e-card yesterday and then waited for one in return (we decided on no presents as we're not that much into such a blatant merchandising exercise, but expressions of love are ok). Nothing. I dropped a not-so-subtle hint and he confessed that he didn't know how to find an e-card, let alone send it. This is someone who does a fair bit of internet research as part of his job as a Pubic Servant (sic). Disgraceful. So I taught him how to find a fun card and send it, which sort of takes the fun out of getting it, but at least I know the seeds are sown for the future.

He is a fast learner, my lad. When he came home (late evening, sweaty from riding his bike across town after a function) he called me into the loungeroom. He'd put some old music on, opened his arms to me, and danced with me slowly around the loungeroom. An effort like that shows such promise (mind you, I could have done without the sweaty bike-riding shirt). Expression of love! That was above and beyond, with his supposed dislike of dancing. Can you see why I tied the knot fast? I know a good one when I see it (having experienced a lot of duds!). He's everything I ever wanted in a man, including the ability to grow and change (or at least give the impression of doing so... :) ).

If you're into that sort of stuff, I hope your Valentine's day was fun. If you're not, good on you, keep up the good work.

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