Thursday, February 03, 2005

Cheering thoughts

Best Beloved has been sending me URLs to cheer me up, the most successful one today being the Little Britain website. I love that series (which is returning next week), and the website also includes snippets of the original radio series. They do a lovely little number about
baby names which complements the crazybrave blog on the same subject . Which reminds me of the site I found whilst blog-surfing called Baby's Named a Bad Bad Thing which has zillions of pages containing the most horrific names and name combinations.

One of Bumblebee's new classmates is called Dakodia, which is not her fault, but it certainly is a mouthful when you're trying to remember names whilst throwing a ball around a circle, as they were doing on the first day of school to 'warm up'. The kids had to call out a name in the group and then throw the ball to that name. Most of the kids have known each other for 3 or more years, but poor Dakodia (it's probably not spelled that simply, maybe it's Daykowdyya or something, knowing how much people like the letter 'y' these days) was brand new, and there was a lot of hesitation before throwing the ball to her, more out of confusion than anything else, because she looked so nice and friendly. The other new girl, Hayley (see, the 'y' thing again), got the ball a lot more. Now there's a good argument against choosing odd names!

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