Sunday, January 16, 2011

Run, river, run

I'm lying on my old mattress, the one I used to sleep on before Best Beloved moved into my life, and it now lives at Colonel and Lady Duck's prickle farm. I'm down here to teach a bookarts weekend, which I've just done. It was fun, but really hot and sweaty. The mattress is great, and I have the whole bed to myself. Luxury!

There hasn't been much time to do anything else except teach and lie on the mattress, since I've also been writing the paper that I've been trying to write for weeks, that is due by COB tomorrow. Tomorrow I drive back to Canberra to finish decluttering the house in time for the Cleaners to clean, and then on Tuesday we're having our Official Real Estate Photos taken.

Gosh, I'm feeling so ruddy GROWN UP.

I think I've finished the paper. It's for the Impact 7 conference in September. They want the paper now, to be submitted and peer-reviewed, so I'm not too worried. I figure if there's something screwy about it, the peers will pick it up & tell me to make changes. And I will.

Before I left home on Friday, I finally finished all the painting of bits of the house that needed refreshing... nearly all of it, really.

Did I tell you that the goaty smell in Bumblebee's room wasn't actually teenage goat smell, but a school bag or two full of rotting uneaten lunches? EWWWWWWWWWW. My punishment is to not care that his new room has floral curtains when we move in. He can have black curtains and a Sith bedspread when he has proved to me that he can [a] make and eat his own lunches and [b] use a bin if he has leftovers. He's also been given the Monkey Painting to live with for a while.

The Monkey Painting is a special member of the family. Best Beloved, when he was about eight, admired the stuffed monkey of a family friend. So the nice old lady, instead of giving him the monkey, painted. a. picture. of. it. and gave it to him for his next birthday. WTF? It became one of his treasured possessions. So now we have a very odd painting of a stuffed monkey that stares at you inanely from the canvas. Up to now I have hung it in the loo, where it grins down upon you as you wee, and to avoid the stare you have to look at the Times Table poster underneath it. It's done wonders for our maths skillz.

But. Until he's learned his lesson, The Monkey Painting will live in Bumblebee's new bedroom, staring at him until he empties his schoolbag each afternoon. I think it's going to work. I hope so, and then I'll have to find another place to hang it, somewhere out of the way but suitably visible so that BB doesn't think I hate the painting. I don't, but it's slightly creepy in a 1970s clown-on-black-velvet kind of way.

Anyhoo, the title of this post celebrates the fact that the Bega River is running, the first time I've seen it with water in it for YEARS. It was so hot today that a couple of my class participants ducked off at lunchtime and had a swim in the river. I didn't join them because if I had, I probably wouldn't have returned to the class. We were in the Bega CWA Hall, a delightful venue complete with a caretaker living in the back flat, who had been living there for TWENTY YEARS. wow.

OK, bedtime for bo-bos. Tired. Verry, verrrry tired.


ronnie said...

missed catching up with you by **THIS** much (** the size of the bull ant bite on my ankle/ level of antihistamine administered in response to bite**)

next time

(hopefully before the rivers run dry.... again)

Mindy said...

If we are really really good and pack our own lunches and use the bin can we have a piccy of the Monkey painting on the blog?

Fiona Dempster said...

Its exciting to hear about the Bega River - my folks lived at Tathra and we often waited for it to break open to the sea. I laughed out loud re the monkey picture - fabulous story and 'punishment'.

Best wishes for the final stages...

Ampersand Duck said...

Damn, Ronnie. And I'm a person who never rings, hate the phone. Absolutely next time.

Mindy, I'll do my best. I keep forgetting that I have a camera phone. Still in Object Mourning for my digicam.

Thanks, Fiona! Didn't get to Tathra this visit, it was chokablock full of crazy fit people doing the Wharf to Waves or whatever its called.

Ida said...

the river is wonderful - actually flowing - how crazy that we are excited about a little river flow when the rest of the country is praying for it to stop!
I hope your workshop went well - sorry i missed you too - next time.

Mummy/Crit said...

You're right about reviewed papers afaik.

I love the monkey painting story too.

Paper Chipmunk said...

Thanks for the laugh! (Well, the floral curtains and monkey painting part...)

We last bought a place and moved many years ago. My hairs have been raising sympathetically as I've been following your adventure, thinking back on it all.