Monday, January 31, 2011

Caretaker mode

Week two of caretaker mode, where we have to be careful about how much mess we make in any part of the house and garden. For people like us, who trail grunge as we walk, it's excruciating. Moving into our next house will be like releasing your overfed gut from a tight belt or taking off a tight pair of shoes and walking barefoot on a cool wooden floor.

Actually, even though I don't wear tight shoes as a life philosophy, walking barefoot on the cool wooden floors of this house is just sooooo good when the weather is this hot and sticky. Since the next place is carpeted, I'm storing up the nice feeling while it lasts.

Lots of sniffs but no bites as yet. We're having another open session on Wednesday, and we might have a bit of something fun in the Real Estate section on Saturday if my agent gets her indominable way. She's a fighter, I tell you.

Yesterday I got to spend the whole day in my lovely cool studio... sigh of relief. As those of you know who hang out in studios, or even with a kitchen table, you can't just plunge in to being creative, unless you have something burning to be done. I'm feeling a bit disconnected, so I decided to do something that would just take a day, and be completed by the end of the day... doing with a sense of purpose, such a good feeling.

I made jam labels for Best Beloved's produce:

Jam labels

I decided to play with the cats as an identifying symbol of our household, and so created the 'Two Tails' motif. I'm probably going to make an Ex Libris for us out of the label design on the far right. They're a tad clunky, it's my first play with linocutting for ages, and I printed them using my nipping press. Still, it was a happy day's work.

Bumblebee gets home today after four weeks of only being home for two days at a time. He doesn't start school until next week, so we can have some fun together this week (as long as we don't mess up the house!). I took him to see the Space Invaders show at the NGA last week, which we both really enjoyed. He was very impressed at seeing byrd's work in there. It's a great show, only running for a few more weeks if you like a bit of street art.

I'm teaching a few times next month (as in February, tomorrow): a one-day class at the Belconnen Arts Centre on Asian Stab binding (and will be back there in March for a day of Altered Books) and a 2-Saturday class at Megalo doing a broad survey of simple bookarts bindings. Both classes will be a lot of fun, so if you fancy a bit of making, come along. At the very least I need to earn some money! New houses aren't cheap :)

Ergh, time to go outside again. Why can't we just skip February and head straight into Autumn? I adore Autumn, it's the most glorious time to be in Canberra (besides Spring).

Oh -- went to see Another Year (by Mike Leigh) the other day. At the same time, Best Beloved saw Black Swan. I was too chicken to go to it. We both came out wishing the other had seen our movies. So on the way home we told each other all about them. No spoilers for you, but both are really good. The Coen brothers' remake of True Grit is even better.

Do yourselves a faaaaaaavvvvooooouuur.


Anon chicken hearted said...

Love the labels. And I think that home produce should have chunky labels - it seems to go with the chunky flavour filled contents. And I am with you yearning for autumn (or winter)- this is way too hot for this black duck.

How are you going to stop the cats moulting copiously? - I have considered estapolling ours.

Mindy said...

Caretaker mode sucks. Can you move into the new place soon?

WV: skeeth - the feeling you get when living in a home that isn't quite yours anymore aware that any minute the real estate agent might call to ask if they can bring someone through and you've been putting off doing the washing up, or the cat has just coughed up a furball on the carpet. Or both.

Cat Drawings said...

Love the labels. They're really perky.

I'm really hanging out to see True Grit. Love the Coen brothers and it's a Western. Yaaaay.

Ampersand Duck said...

You're all invited to my housewarming, if I ever set foot in the bloody place. We can't move in until we exchange contracts on this place. It's something to do with the way we've organised the money... meh, numerically dyslexic, me.

Ampersand Duck said...

PS, the cats just keep shedding, and I just keep vacuuming. At least they're not long-haired!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

When I first saw the labels I was sure you were influenced by your time in New Zealand and had been referencing the Koru (which, fittingly, represents new life, growth and strength.)

Hope the buyers of your place aren't jam makers and let you come and gather the fruit each year...

Anon chicken hearted said...

Re the vacuuming up of cat fur. Many years ago I had to see an allergist and he asked for a teaspoon of dust from the vacuum. What he got was a teaspoon of dirty cat fur. The more things change ...

Helen said...

Carpet? Oh noes! Are there nice floorboards underneath if you rip it up?

Mrs B said...

We've just moved house from carpet to tiled floor. Must say: a lot better. Less dusting. And moar kitteh fun! I like to see Mouser skid all over the place in a cartoony kind of way.

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