Friday, November 26, 2010

Recovery mode

Best Beloved is spending two weeks acting in a higher position than his normal reasonably highish one. This means that he has an EA, or for those of you who, like me, have a dislike of acronyms, he has an Executive Assistant who answers his phones, which is quite disconcerting.

It is our wedding anniversary tomorrow, and I got this email a few minutes ago:

From: Linda
Sent: Friday, November 26, 2010 11:14 AM
To: BB
Subject: You received a Phone Call, contact Your wife.

Hello BB

Your wife called. Can you please call when you get a monet.



Is that what you're getting me for our wedding anniversary?

Ah ha
ha ha ha ha hahhhahaaaaaaaaaaa

I don't think so. I'm getting him something better than old French art. I'm getting him brand spanking new Canberra art! But don't tell him that, I can't give it to him until Teffany's exhibition closes next week or the week after.

I did forgive him for the Harry Potter thing. Of course I did. The fact that I was on the brink of sickness that felled me like a hammer blow didn't help my mood that day.

I feel so much better today -- I went through last night like I was in a sauna, thrashing and drenched in sweat, and woke looking like I'd been swimming. But my head is clearer, like someone cleaned my internal windows. I'm as weak as a kitten, and still have to lie down a lot, but I think I'm through the worst of it. Byrd dropped around this morning and said that I'm 'carrot-coloured' but if that's the worst thing he can say I'm pretty happy. He's an honest, observant lad.

I was planning to go to Sydney tomorrow for the day on a mission to link up some artists and printers that I like but I've had to cancel; I just can't physically manage it. I think I can manage holding hands in a movie though. That would be a nice thing to do to celebrate six years (which means that I've also been blogging for just over six years. Yikes!).


pk said...

Vair funny. Get him a monet postcard and and play it straight.

Ampersand Duck said...

There was a spam post just above that I had to delete forever just to erase the link, but this was the scintillating message:
"I am glad to post my views and points in this blog, Blogs are becoming the main source of knowing about things certainty,its importance,idolizing,either in a marketing way that one can differentiate. I enjoyed to be at here because one of my point has been cleared here."



Mindy said...

Happy Anniversary and Blogiversary. I hope BB doesn't get too used to having an EA. Being able to call someone and ask if hubby had any bookings on a particular day was wonderful. Especially when he got the old school EA who really knew her stuff. Took pride in her work etc. Then he had to go back to his old job and we lost her. I'm not sure who misses her most.

Cat Drawings said...

Happy anniversary and I'm V. jealous about the Monet.

MAC Cosmetics said...

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The Shopping Sherpa said...

Please thank your commenters: they threw me out of a bad funk I've had all afternoon and had me laughing uproariously and wiping the tears from my eyes.

But I have to add: just one EA?! My friend had two. He has still to explain what exactly he needed with two of them...

Cat Drawings said...

Love the defiantly great tips.

Ampersand Duck said...

I was going to wipe them all but that MAC one is just so dumb I can't believe they think anyone would click on such an obviously irrelevant link.
Who are these people? Are they just other computers?

Penthe said...

"There’s defiantly a lot of great tips here I’m going to try to be more aware of."

Hope you defiantly have a wonderful anniversary.


dinahmow said...

Oh bugger! I was going to be all cryptic about my PW book, but you'd delete me forever, wouldn't you?

Yes, I think a pretty card with Monet's "Poppies" is the way to go.Defiantly.

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MAC Cosmetics said...

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Ampersand Duck said...