Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Matters of economy

funny pictures-ME-OW-SIS*

Because Mr Padge keeps losing his collars and Mr Pooter doesn't, or rather, Pooter does shed them, but in places where they can be found again, Padge is now wearing an old collar of Pooter's, which means that they are now both black cats in blue collars. And even though one is very fat and the other very thin, sometimes, especially when they sit in the Roast Chicken position, it is very hard to tell them apart.

Except when they lie on their backs, as in this shot where Mr Padge tried his most helpfully to be a paperweight this morning as I worked in bed.

helpful Padge

Actually, the fact that Padge doesn't lose the crappy old blue collars makes me highly suspicious that someone in the neighbourhood is souveniring his own collars, which have traditionally been red. The last one was Barbie pink (I mistyped oink there, and was sorely tempted to leave it) as a joke on Best Beloved, but didn't work because his red-green colourblindness makes him impervious to shades of pink. Damn. Collars are expensive, and getting little tags engraved even more so. So for reasons of economy, Padge can be Pooter for a while in the wider world. If there's food involved, I suspect he'll answer to anything.

I'm writing this while I print out a little promotional flyer for my wares. With the time and energy and ink cannisters it's taking up, I might as well have handset and printed it, dammit. Up to now, I've been sending out an infrequent but free print newsletter to a growing mailing list. I got back from NZ to find that stamps had leapt to 60c!! Egads, people, snail mail is expensive!

So I've decided to regroup, and now want to offer to people the chance to subscribe to a regular (twice-yearly) newsletter/zine thingy for $5 a year. It will not be all letterpress, because that would blow it out of the water, but it will have a touch of it here and there. Anyone want to join up? I'm calling it SNAIL, since the last batch were called SNAIL MAIL. If you do, fling me an email to ampersandduck (at but I bet the spammers scan for (at) these days) and I'll let you know how we proceed with payment.

I've almost, but not quite, shaken off my horrid cold. It started as a sore throat, moved up to my sinus, and then settled happily in my chest. I'm hacking up all sorts of blah, which catch in my throat on the way up & give me a great husky blues voice that sounds very dramatic on the phone. This is one reason why I'm on Facebook such a lot, for those who care, and also why I'm working from home a bit rather than standing in my still quite cool concrete studio.

Mind you, I did find the energy to complete the printing for my latest Book Art Object piece, and it should be dry enough today to finish... huzzar! Then I can send it out, and then, only then, can I share some photos, because the whole point is for the recipients to work it out for themselves. It's a one-trick pony, but I've had fun training it.

Another thing I've been working hard on is helping to rebrand ANCA, my studio complex, with a new logo and website etc. I haven't been responsible for the actual graphic side of it, but as I'm on the ANCA Board, I'm getting my hands dirty in other ways, like making decisions, letterheads & party planning. If you're interested, save the date of the 9th of December for the launch of the new ANCA look. Very exciting!

That's also the date, as well, of the Christmas Party of the Canberra Craft Bookbinding Guild, so I'll be party-hopping. If you are interested in that, it's a Show & Tell, Bring & Buy evening, so everyone needs to bring something to sell or show. Or just come & chat & buy, all good.

Still inkjetting. Might as well get out of my pyjamas and have some lunch :)


Rhubarb said...

The joy of pyjamas at lunchtime. Sounds like my kind of day. Hope you manage to cough up the last of your cold soon! Rhubarb x

elsewhere said...

For a while now, Lulu has been wearing the collar that Leonard died in, which I saw as a great honour. However, she has since sucked, chewn and filleted the life out of his collar, as she did her own, so I'm beginning to regret it.

Ampersand Duck said...

Oohhh. Did Leonard have a tag on his collar? I still have my lovely past cat's tag on my keyring. Every now and again it catches my attention, and gives me a little smile.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I gave up on collars after Nibbs lost two in quick succession. Now he's naked: I figure he's chipped so if someone does find him they can check the chip...

(I'm a bad bad mother)

Nick Hansen said...

(Seattle-based sports blog)


Ampersand Duck said...

Sorry Nick, my belief system doesn't accept sport except on a highly personal basis.

SpudChick said...

Hello. I found your blog through Blogs of Note today. You have a very lovely blog and your kitties are beautiful.
I have no cats, but I have two wonderful dogs. My Beloved dog, Peanut, passed away one year ago this month, and I still have her collar and tags sitting on my bedside table. Every time they catch my eye, I smile, remember her, and wish I could hug her just one more time.
Just wanted to stop by and tell you that I enjoyed your writings.
Greetings from Idaho, in the US of A. :)

Ampersand Duck said...

greetings, SpudChick. Love your name!
I will return the visit, ASAP.

Ampersand Duck said...

... except you don't have a blog!
Get the hence and do some writing! :)

SpudChick said...

... I know, I know. I haven't had the time (guts) to start up my personal blog. I just found bloggers a few weeks ago, believe it or not. :) I promise, this weekend I will get that blog started and do some writing. You have inspired me! :)

KJM101 said...

Ha! I found your blog on the blogs of note and your blog is, of course, about your life. Your kitties are cute. I've got no pets actually. But our red apartment neighbour has one dog. He sometimes goes to the veranda and barks for some reason. His owners kept a fence from the veranda just to prevent it from passing away like Spudchick's dog passed. You can also visit the blog which is mine since there's a blog of my eve out with my freind Faiyaz and infos of my best freinds.

GingerBonnie said...

You have beaut cats. I used to have a black one who we lost, maybe he's made it all the way to Canberra? which is where i assume you live. They look really similar but I doubt it. My cat used to be called Tank. I miss him dreadfully.
Anyways your blog is great! I definately plan to revisit. I love it.

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