Thursday, July 08, 2010

dancing with presses

Birdmonkey, aka artist Raquel Ormella, has been blogging about the work she was doing under my tutelage. She mentions that I use a driving metaphor when I try to explain the press to people... which didn't work with her because she doesn't drive. She found dancing a better metaphor, which also works for me because you need to get into a body rhythm as you move the paper and the pedals and the buttons. I need to think about this more; I've been asked to talk at the NGA's upcoming print symposium in October, and my allotted keyword is palpability.

She also blogs about her trips to Japan and her current obsession with Mt Fuji on her other blog, Magnetic Glimpses. She includes her encounters with cats, which I love as travel writing -- the tragically blog-quiet but twittering Lucy Tartan and Lexicon Harlot have done this too, and I hope to do the same in NZ.

Padge doesn't like the idea of me hobnobbing with other cats. He stopped purring for a millisecond as I typed that, but he doesn't stop for long. Ever. Pooter doesn't care. He's out with his BFF, the heater.

Bumblebee is delivered back to me today. I can't believe I've had most of the week to myself during the day and all I've had the energy to do is lie and sit and cough. I feel a hot bath coming on. Life is tough.

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Meredith said...

Sydney's so cold at the moment that my cat has been snuggling up next to THE DOG, whom she loathes.