Thursday, July 01, 2010

caught speeding

OK. Now I really know that I have to SLOW DOWN and stop trying to think about or do zillions of things at the same time.

Firstly, I completely forgot about a meeting I was supposed to (albeit quite informally) chair on Monday. That was embarrassing.

Then, when I had the rescheduled meeting today, I realised when I arrived that I had forgotten to inform one of the other committee members that it was even on.

THEN. Tonight, Bumblebee and I rocked up, revved up, to the cinema to see Twilight and New Moon back-to-back as a promo for the release of Eclipse and were pulled up, short, in the lobby, at the absence of excited teenage girls.

That's probably because the promo was LAST NIGHT. Not tonight. Sh*t B*m P** B*gger W*nk.

I felt like the baddest mother in the universe, or at least the ditziest. And decided that the $40 I'd blown in cinema tickets should be considered a speeding ticket... that I deserved.

Bumblebee was very gracious. But disappointed. As was I, not by the prospect of watching the bloody movies, but by spending some fun time one-on-one with him doing something that he liked, as opposed to hauling him to my studio or some opening.


We ended up having a bowl of soup at a nearby Asian cafe and then seeing Toy Story 3 3D, which we both thoroughly enjoyed, especially the evil monkey. All the way home we chortled over our fav bits, and did evil monkey impressions along to some tacky disco song on the radio, so when we got home we felt like we'd actually had the evening we wanted. And he still got to bed at a decent time.

I hate letting people down. And feeling like I'm not all there.

I'm going to try to remember to breathe a bit over the next few days... and we're going to rent New Moon over the weekend and watch it so that we can go to see Eclipse next week. With a crowd.


PS. Isn't Best Beloved back? I hear you wonder. Where was he? At home, dear ones, with his particular brand of grumpy man-flu. Oh yes, it's truly been a faaabulouus week. Not.


genevieve said...

It happens to even the most fabulous mothers like ourselves (ahem!)
I am in the habit of forgetting who I have told to come to what, now that two live away from the nest.
And the trouble with that is that you usually tell at least one person twice, then leave someone out, or give them such short notice they can't get work off. OWOWOW.
Speeding tickets, I haz them.

genevieve said...

and that wonderful nope poster -how long have you had that, it's superb.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

awww Duck! you nong. at least there was soup and Toy Story - sounds like an infinitely superior night to me ;-)

I love the Nope as well, except there's not enough wing-nut action happening, he looks too NoRMaL!

Ampersand Duck said...

Thanks dudes
I found him on Facebook or maybe flickr... can't remember where, but just needed to have him. Feel free to hotlink him, I did! too good to waste.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

PS - playing catchups. lucky you, learning woodcut! I'm too skint, but I've been melding linocut experience with advice from a friend who carves wood. he's lent me some of his tools.

doing pretty well but suspect I'm learning slower than I could... but it is lovely. knew I'd like it because I'm quite fond of lino.

got any heads-up about plank supply? Tom scrounged some various bits of wood form his woodpile for me to experiment on, but none of them are good to run through a press. I've just gone to a hardware and bought a piece of anonymous 'hardwood', but I'd much prefer to get my hands on some fruit like pear or apple.

can't wait to see some of your work.

Another Outspoken Female said...

Maybe its just some ditzy transit happening? Yesterday I left my keys in the ignition of my unlocked car while I blissfully shopped in ignorance for an hour at the market.

It wouldn't be so back if I hadn't don this, um, twice before.

Is there a goddess of keeping parked cars safe? How do I pay thanks?

PS: love the Nope!

Ampersand Duck said...

Oh please, let it be something in the air and not my brain turning into a puddle of mush. I've also been very clumsy, pricking and bumping my hands a lot. They're a mass of little papercuts and needle pricks :)

I rarely leave my keys in the car, but I often forget to lock the car, which is a by-product of years of driving bombs that you wish someone would steal or trash so that the insurance could buy a better one...

Ampersand Duck said...

I think the goddess of keeping cars safe can be Julia. She can be our goddess of anything we want until she proves otherwise.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

Aveline used to pray to Mavis, Goddess of Parking Spaces so I suspect she'd do you a deal ;-)

I still thank her when I find a particularly choice space. not long ago at an antiquey flea-markety type thing I found an old advert for an Art Deco face powder called Mavis. devine! reminds me, I must get her framed.

Paper Chipmunk said...

I actually find it reassuring when I read things like this. I'm not the only one! I go around feeling like I have Swiss Cheese for brain matter. I tend to tell people I will do something, or be somewhere, and then. . . it is completely gone. It's a terrible feeling. Sort of undermines one's confidence.

I'm glad at least the movie evening still turned out nice.