Sunday, June 06, 2010

we can be happy underground

Very exciting to get the latest issue of Artlink in my mailbox, complete with an article I wrote at the invitation of Big Fag Press man Lucas.

It's a very handsome issue, with all the articles & their images rendered just in black, white & red for that Bauhaus, print culture, newspaper, in fact incunable feel (did you know that red was once used in the same way that italics are now used?).

Apart from a couple of weird removing-too-many-footnote glitches in my text, I'm very happy with the way it turned out, and they chose the two funniest images from the plethora that I provided.

It's also an extremely funky issue, complete with lots of quirky articles, excellent excerpts from comics and zines, and a complete re-issue of one famous zine, Valet of the Dolls, which is most hilarious.

Highly recommended. Pooter and Padge give it five stars. Padge just stepped on my stomach while I was reading it to confirm his vote.

PS. Thanks to all who came to my workshop in Tuggeranong yesterday! I enjoyed myself, hope you did too.


ronnie said...

if it's been cat pre-approved I'm in.... must check it out when I next

a. go to a big centre that sells artlink mag

b. scrape together enough coins to afford said artlink mag

in the meantime I'll live vicariously through your report...

Lucas said...

can't believe you got your copy before I did!!

argh, what went wrong with the footnotes caren?


Ampersand Duck said...

it's ok -- they obviously didn't want footnotes. They did keep one, because it was too hard to integrate into the text, but with the others they just kept the bare bones of the footnote within the text. They put brackets around the name of Dawn, which I think is a glitch, putting it in like a footnote, but it reads badly.

I really love this edition, L... you did really well!

Lucas said...

i love the idea of red being a form of italics.

you're so erudite, ms duck!

birdmonkey said...

picked up my copy... can't wait to read. x