Thursday, June 24, 2010

OMG, the knives are out

I'm teaching full-time this week, running a letterpress workshop.

I keep meaning to go to bed early each night, but something always stops me... like last night's politics! OMG, isn't it exciting, no matter which side of the many fences you sit? I had Bernice staying the night, and she stayed up very late, watching the pollies machinating and the journos reeling.

Bugger KEVIN 07, someone design me a JULIA TODAY t-shirt, just for the fun of it. I haven't got time, more's the pity. We need one of those NY t-shirt vendor types to jump on the job for a lark.

The poll is happening as I type. SQUUEEEEEEEE!

Postscript: SQUEEEEEE! YAY! Death to Abbott! We has our Brunhild!


ronnie said...

the kev is dead - long live the queen....

geeez-louise a girlie on top.....

the earth may spin off its axis....

jo said...

How excitement!

Just waiting for Abbott to faux pas in a misogynist fashion. Could be fun.

genevieve said...

WOT A DAY. Callooh callay.
Sorry for Rudd in some respects, but I feel much better about the prospects of Labor returning now.

*herhorms* I kid you not.