Thursday, June 10, 2010

it's, it's the Biennale blitz

So. This weekend, I am going to attend a workshop on woodcut prints on Saturday, and then go to a pyjama party, and then Sunday I am going to get up early and drive to Sydney to do a Biennale blitz.

My plan is to park in the Domain, walk or skip to the Quay, catch the ferry to Cockatoo Island and spend much of the day meandering the things there. Then hopefully come back early enough to pop into Pier 2/3 on the ride back.

I have booked a cheep little room in Wolloomooloo for the night, and on Monday will peruse Artspace, AGNSW and the MCA.

And then I will drive back via my son's fortnightly parental home and pick him up on the way back to the 'Berra.

Anyone want to do a blogmeet on Sunday night somewhere near where I'm staying? or want to come & have a picnic on Cockatoo Island or something?


Anonymous said...

Don't skip the MCA. There are wonderful things there.

fifi said...

I am possibly going to cocky island on sundy for a picnic If I am allowed out...I will keep in touch. Would love to see you. Either there or wherever...

Peter said...

Off topic (I couldn't find a direct email button) - re worries about the internet; a cartoon in New Scientist struck a chord:

Smallish child totally focussed on a large screen. Mother (around a corner), to friend "I never worry about him - he emails me once a week."

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

would love to, cept I have a lurgy!

Ampersand Duck said...

heh, Peter.

Yay, Fi!

Buggerit indeed, Speedy!

ShawJ, that's apparently the unmissable bit. Thanks.