Thursday, January 21, 2010

Running away

I ran away again. Always to the same place, Depot Beach, far away in time. And again, we left Best Beloved behind to his work and his study (he's starting a Masters in something governmental) and the cats.

Usually when we go to Depot, we camp at the wonderful National Parks camping ground, or we hire a cabin from the same place or from the posher private cabins complex next door. This time, however, we were offered a stay in a house that looks like this:


Architect-designed, it was like something from a magazine. My friend Wazza has access to it, it's a family-owned thing, and it's heaven on a stick, so to speak.


This is the view from the main section of the house. You can open up the big glass doors to make the living room and balcony one big space, and in winter you can roll the roof back to let more sunshine in.


This is the view from the guest bedroom. I could have the window open all night to let the sea breeze and the sound of the waves in. It was divine.

Bumblebee has stopped being resistant to the idea of us hoping to sell our house and get a bigger one one day (over the rainbow). I don't think he realises that we can't have one like this, but he now knows what it is like to have SPACE around you.

The weather was cool, the sea was glorious (not that I actually swam, I didn't feel like it this trip) and the walks were lovely. Wazza and I made good food, drank lots of G&Ts, and wrangled the kids. Plus did lots of reading, or at least, I did. I was reading the first of the Millennium trilogy, given to me by my mother-in-law, and I'm not much of a crime fiction reader, so I was struggling with it a bit.

On the first night at the coast, I woke up in the night and decided, since I didn't have the sleep princess with me, that I'd read myself back to sleep. Suddenly I hit a really exciting bit of the book, and the next thing I knew, it was dawn and I had no idea how much or little sleep I'd had... So I'm a Larsson convert, and I'm well into the second book, which I'm not actually sure if I am enjoying after all. It's all getting a bit bitsy, and that always annoys me, but I'm sure he'll put it all together soon.

If you're reading this, Wazza (when you get back yourself), thanks so much for the chance to breathe before the year gets crazy!

In other new year news, I have joined the local gym, and since my startling assessment, when I was gauged to be fitter than I thought I was, I have been twice and am trying not to feel smug, since I know that the newby enthusiasm will wear off fairly soon.

Also! I have a shipment of brand spanking new type arriving today, and I'm very excited. And two books lined up to use it, so it's work ho! from hereon in.

Also also! the countdown is on for Bumblebee's new high school experience, starting 1 Feb. He seems calm enough, and excited that they'll have a camp in the first few weeks, but I haven't told him yet that before camp is... vaccinations. Yeek!


Mummy/Crit said...

What an awesome house! My parents have a block on a headland down the coast, and the drawings they've had done for their place look quite a bit like that! I wish they'd get on with it though - I want to have access to a beach house again, though the headland they're on is _very_ cliffy so I'd need good boy-containing fences.

Say hello to B for us, I hope he survives his first days at high school!

Mick said...

Great house! Very jealous :)

I am halfway through the 3rd of the trilogy and I have been loving it. The 2nd book lost me a bit in the middle, but once it picks up, it's hard to stop!

Loving the 3rd one so far. Check out the trailers for the Swedish movies they have made out of them. They look great.

Penthe said...

That house is very Wow.

seldom said...

OMG. Depot is fabulous enough by itself, but that house just shoots the fab-mometer into the stratosphere.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

good luck to Bee and OMFG I want the house.