Saturday, January 02, 2010

Here I sit, at the benchtop of a friend's place in the Sunshine coast, drinking cold wine, with dry feet and the prospect of a dry bed at the end of an entertaining dinner. i hadn't expected a chance to play with a laptop, but here it is.

I'm sorry about the weird spacing in the post below... I just tried to fix it, but I can't seem to change it properly. It's because I had to write it and save it on my phone and then cut & paste it into my blog because my Blogger app didn't seem to work and I can't update it until I get home.

The sun came up this morning and we had blue sky all the way through packing up our gear and our tent, and then when we started driving the skies opened up again and we drove through heavy rain. Thank you, universe.

The friend we're staying with is a recent graduate from my department at the art school, and anyone who knows S will not be surprised to know that she gave us the weirdest directions EVA to get to her mum's house. At one point they told us to take a ramp off the M1, follow a road, and then get back on the M1. I thought this was odd, but dutifully followed the directions, and we found ourselves driving a small off-highway service road parallel to the freeway, waving at the cars and then rejoining them a minute later. It was then that I remembered that she doesn't drive, and that she must have just sent us a Google-maps description that was a bit addled.

Anyhoo, we eventually in a very roundabout way got to the right place. We're sleeping in a cute retro caravan, and there's two gorgeous Burmese cat brothers to play with who have the same boy twin dynamics as our lovely boys: one thin & clever, one fat and cheery but a bit bitey. Bliss!

Ooh! dinner's ready. Pip pip, tally ho!


ronnie said...

hey duckie please bring some of that 'heavy rain' south

will send google map directions for delivery

oh and happy new year!

dogpossum said...

Just saw this and thought you might like it: