Friday, January 29, 2010

brown paper packages...

Just running out the door to visit the Aged Poet, but thought I'd better leave you with something before the weekend runs away with me. Here's a little photo-essay about my exciting letterpress week:

empty boxes

type feet

type packets

shiny shiny

proofing new type


fuzzy type

hand plan

(images by Patsy Payne, poetry by Sarah Rice)

I'll come back & explain later -- running late now!


birdmonkey said...

can't wait to here more- love those packages!

Anonymous said...

I am just getting our travel plans set up for Aunty Jan and my trip over late May. So hope we can make it down to Canberra for a couple of days. Really want to see your studio set up and to see you all. Aunty Lou

lucy tartan said...


SCB said...

way cool

Nicole said...

That unwrapped package of type looks delicious!