Monday, November 23, 2009


Ceiling Cat, bless the interwebs and the nice people I know on it.

Harry sent me this site:

Unless by “attention to detail” you mean spelling.


Hours of fun and grimacing for everyone, whether you like handmade things or you don't.

Harry is one of the reasons I can spend so much time in my studio. Best Beloved is away for a few days, and Bumblebee spend the whole day yesterday painting Harry's Warhammer figures and working out some elaborate battle scene involving Beastmen, Space Marines, Bionicles and Lego Star Wars. There's also a boss Warhammer dude with a real crab-claw arm (found the last time we went to the beach). It is fantabulous. So thanks a squillion, Harry.


Mindy said...

So glad Bumble Bee loves them so much. I hope he keeps them forever! *cough*so they don't end up back in my garage*cough*

fifi said...

Ack! sickening!

but so whimsicle!

(word verif. "nongs" . Ha!)

Anonymous said...

Hey ducks: you might like to note:
and the 'text' show which will feature BCA's Etruscan tombs and my Etruscan poems inside them....a kind of preamble to her Etruscan everything in January.......

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

wow! I love the idea of the crab-claw mod - photo when it's done, please. way to go B :-)

Heather L said...

OMG! I should be working but I'm sitting here, tears rolling down my face and vowing to never. ever. list anything on Etsy. It's enough to make a person stop making and retrain as an accountant.
Heather L.

Anonymous said...

To misquote Lady Macbeth 'who would have thought the old world had so much horrifically misconceived tat in it?'

Mind you we have a cookbook at work with these in it:

at the finding of which I so wished I had a blog still: but of course someone's beaten me too it anyway....

Ida said...

lol - I love Regretsy. I think we all realize the difference between etsy and regretsy is very, very small. and as makers we should be conscious of that fact!! and never put anything on etsy.