Friday, August 28, 2009


Wow, Friday again. That week went fast.

No movie tonight. Instead, we went to a couple of openings, including this one. The photos don't do justice to the gorgeous gold-leafed floor that you were encouraged to walk upon with stockinged or bare feet. As you walked around the wonderful body-hugging shapes, the floor cast a golden glow around the walls. It was beautiful.

Some quick take-away, and then I went back to my studio to play some loud music and get into the right head-space for teaching at Megalo tomorrow (Simple Bookbinding: 2-day course). Once I'd packed all the bits & pieces and my mini-library and some supplies, I cleaned up a bit; I opened my 'recycle' drawer and pulled out something to put another thing under it... and SHAZAM! I looked at what I was holding and had a mini epiphany about how to use it for my exhibition. OH NOES! T minus 3 days (including a 2-day course, my usual teaching day and a visit from the parents) and I really really want to make this book.

So I set up as much as I could, and hopefully I'll get time on Sunday night and Monday afternoon to actually finish it. And then I have to write up the list of works and decide on prices and install and...

I feel like Frances from The Librarians. I want to whip out a paper bag and hyperventilate into it a few times a day.

It's a week of doom: old acquaintances dying, couples breaking up, lots of people around NSW having awful car crashes...

ARGHhHhh! The cat just pushed a whole heap of papers off the shelf behind me and scared me half to death. When I say 'the cat', of course, it is Pooter. He is so damn naughty. At this time of night, Padge is face-planted somewhere snuggly (he sleeps like a koala, with his forehead flat down on the ground, or pushed hard into something like the crook of my armpit or my elbow). Only Pooter stays up, to see what trouble he can cause.

On the UP side, my lemon-scented Daphne beside the back door is smelling divine. It's one of the first things I planted when I moved into this house 12 years ago, and it has thrived on ABSOLUTE NEGLECT. I adore it. I have a sprig in my (filthy) bathroom and the smell of Fruit Loops it gives off is wonderful.

Blimey, must get some beauty rest. Wouldn't be good to be yawning through my own course. If you get the chance tomorrow (Saturday), it's the Art School Open Day. I won't be there (sob) but there are lots of fun things to see and do. I've got raffle tickets, if you want a chance to win some Art.


byrd said...

shit.good one i really should get a look at that one.


Penthe said...

Sorry about your week of doom. Good luck with the new book.

And must get me some daphne, but not at the back door where it might interfere with the turkish-delight smell of the scented geranium.

genevieve said...

I definitely need that daphne, it sounds exactly like it could cope with my non-gardening.
Did like Frances packing half a dozen lunches just so she had lots of bags though :-)

Carol said...

I'm going to buy a daphne too so you've just boosted the nursery business. Hope you found time to make your new book or can hold that epiphanitic thought until you have time.