Friday, October 03, 2008


Cheered up a bit, not that I have been any more than wistful and wurty (I'll get worse at the funeral, knowing me), by this




and, on the recommendation of the excellent Robert Forster in this month's Monthly, this, the whole fabulous album downloaded today:

I know it's been done before with Johnny et al, but I love this man's voice, and it's helping. A lot.


genevieve said...

The voice of an angel. I bought a double album a while back. But mine does not have the third verse of 'If You Go Away (Ne Me Quitte Pas),' which is annoying.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Oh, Genevieve, that takes me back!

Laisse-moi devenir
l'ombre de ton ombre
l'ombre de ta main
l'ombre de ton chein

(or whatever it is)

*sobs helplessly*

So far the only track I've heard from the Glen Campbell is the cover of 'Sing'. Which is amazing. Thank you, Duck -- I will investigate further immediately. Glad that kitties and music are helping. (But when do they not?)

Ampersand Duck said...

indeed, Pav.

They've chosen the songs very carefully and cleverly, to appeal to GC's very firm religious belief, but still appeal to a broader audience. I think this album will do very well, because it straddles two very large listening markets: mainstream and Christian (who probably see themselves as Mainstream-er :) )