Friday, October 17, 2008


Thanks to the recently resurrected Comicstriphero (YAY), I now know that my Sarah Palin name would be Strike Chipper Palin, if I'd been born into her family. Dunno about the 'Strike', but I think 'Chipper' is pretty good. Ha.

For all my lyrical waxing on about Spring, I forgot the crappy bit: The Fluff. Damn whomever planted those frigging cotton trees or whatever they are, because there are places around the city where you just can't open your mouth or your car window for fear of having fifty-fifteen lumps of fluffy stuff fly into it (say THAT fast a few times!). At the ANU they have always said to new students that if you haven't started studying by the time the fluff falls, you're fucked. 'They', you might surmise, are older, wiser students. It's been passed on for generations, and it actually works. Well, I was printing in the Bookstud on Sunday when it started, and I noticed because it started to come through the windows and stick on my nice wet ink. GAH. At least I don't get hayfever from it, like many of the poor sods around the city.

I want everyone to go over to Bernice and give her a big friendly pat on the back for not smoking for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. She needs encouragement. She thinks I didn't notice the other night when she came over for tea, but I did. How? Well, she didn't stink, and she wasn't constantly dashing outside muttering weird apologies. Dead giveaway. I'm very proud of her.

Tonight is the grand final of Bumblebee's Wakakirri performance. I'm really looking forward to it. We're going, Colonel & Lady Duck are, and even the Albatross. It's a big occasion. Then on Monday I'm taking him to the hairdresser for a makeover. He's decided he's had enough of the dashing shoulder-length hair. He's going for a David Tennant makeover. I'll try to do before and after shots.

Gawd, I think of lots of things to write when I'm on my bicycle. But now I'm actually here I go blank. Oh well, I'll come back and add if anything hits me.


lauredhel said...

"[...]and she wasn't constantly dashing outside muttering weird apologies."

This is exactly what held one of my relatives back from giving up smoking. He very much enjoyed his refreshing, peaceful time-outs.

Once he realised that he could still just take them, and not smoke, it was easy for him. Cold turkey, never looked back.

Penthe said...

Heh. In Brisbane it's 'if you haven't started studying before the jacarandas blossom you might as well not bother'. The fluff is a little pithier.

I wondered what all that stuff floating in the car windows was.

Anonymous said...

Copper Catfish Palin here.

When I quit teh smokin' (just 51 weeks 3 days and 13 hours ago) I gave a name to that little voice in my head that said "Go on. You can have just one cigarette". I named that voice John Howard. You could never believe anything that that slimey little turd of a man said.

Enny said...

Heh heh - I know the fluff means my final exam EVER is coming, but I love it! I was on Drakeford near Kambah the other day, and watched it float right through the red light, I find it fascinating to watch :o)

Ampersand Duck said...

ooh, I like 'copper catfish'.

Are you reading all these nice tips, B? Mrsmadrigal, I think you're never really a 'non-smoker' once you stop. You're a smoker who abstains. I gave up not so long ago in the grand scheme of things, and it's still hard. So I'm always really proud of anyone who can be self-disciplined enough to abstain.

margey said...

My ANU diary puts it as: "If you haven't started serious study by the time the European white poplars (near the Student Union) start to shed their fluffy white seeds then it's too late". I like your version (the traditional one) of the saying better.

naomi said...

I'm Hen Waffle, which I like, seeing as I'm so fond of my chooks and do like cooking, and Adam is Mounty Bat.

Sydney Uni has the jacaranda in the quad ... in Tasmania we didn't pin anything on a season, because of four seasons in one day and all that

Hen Waffle said...

oh, and good work Bernice!!

Mummy/Crit said...

Ah, the fluff! It's actually the Plane trees that get my nose going more, but i hate them both