Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shorn of the dead hairs

Bumblebee came back from the weekend with his dad absolutely buggered. Because the Albatross lives waaaay out of Canberra, they didn't get back to his place until about 1am after his mammoth Wakakirri effort. And, of course, kids don't stop unless they're made to, so he used up every. skerrick. of. energy. over the weekend.

So even though he was raring for a makeover, he just couldn't raise a smile all through the process. Well, at least not in front of the camera.

Before. Tired with hat-hair, after school. I actually quite like this photo, if only for the spots of yellow throughout.

During. At this point of the haircut, my (wonderful) hairdresser turned the chair around and said 'OMG, you have to see this!'. The music in the salon was 80s New Romantic hits. My heart thumped. But both he and I weren't quite ready for this. He's only 11 and a half. I can see the floppy fringe happening in about three years from now, when he stops thinking either of his parents are interesting and needs something to hide behind as he sulks.

After. The seriousness of this look is totally deceptive. From the moment he was shown his hair in the rear-view mirror, up to and including now, it's like he was given a guarana injection. He's been running, leaping, bursting into rooms and out of bed, grinning form ear to ear. He walks around the house, shaking his head wildly, enjoying the sensation of... nothing. I envy him. I was like that a few years ago, and it doesn't last long.

Woot! This is more like it, on his way out to pretend he's Dr Who. He went to the hairdresser armed with photos like this:

I think she did a grand job. He's got the duds: pin-striped trousers, suit jacket, makeshift sonic screwdriver. He's on the lookout for some glasses next time we hit an op shop. Sigh.

I have to admit, seeing him with the short hair made him seem so much older than he seemed before. As I confessed to Thirdcat this morning, when he and the hairdresser were looking the other way, I picked up some of the soft long locks of hair on the floor. They're in a plastic bag in my bag. Don't know what I'll do with them, but I'm sure they'll be useful for something, if only a weep!

PS: response to Harry's comment within:


naomi said...

way to go B - extremely cool!

xxxx Aunty Naomi

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

wow - what a different boy! lovely fresh clean and sharper than a razor blade. it shows his bone structure off so beautifully. I'm a big fan of bone structure :-)

Adele said...

He looks seriously cool.
I went through this with al of mine (daughter included).
I still have locks from all of them........mothers do this!!!!!

Helen said...

Handsum! :-)

I do deplore the tyranny of looks in society. Then I feel happy and relieved that Boychild is also teh Handsum. Then I feel like a hypocrite.

Ampersand Duck said...

I'm indulging teh handsum, Helen, because I know he's going to be absolutely covered in acne in a couple of years, it's in both sides of the family! He'll still be handsum to me, though :)

Good to know I'm not the only sookie-la-la about these things, Adele.

Don't you all love the Dr Who pout? B does that well, too!

Anonymous said...

A few days before the Lad's first haircut we were at the Out Law's house after they'd been doing a clear out. After discussion of various 40 year old wedding presents that are still in their original boxes the mother outlaw mentioned the envelope of the sister outlaw's hair. 30 year old hair. The mother outlaw reflected that while keeping it had seemed like a good idea at the time, now that the sister outlaw is a grown up emigrated home owner, it just seemed wierd. So she ditched it.

Which is why I declined the hairdresser's offer of an envelope of the Lad's hair. But I did get sooky about how grown up he looked.

Zoe said...

oh, I wish he'd kept the flock of seagulls.

Also, castle 2 pm Saturday b there!


comicstriphero said...

I envy him. I was like that a few years ago, and it doesn't last long.

Why not go back?

Short hair is teh shiz.

My recurring nightmare involves having really long hair all of a sudden and not being able to find a pair of scissors quick enough.

JahTeh said...

The lock of hair is lovely beside the new look in a double frame but you have to hide it. Mine never forgave me for hanging it on the bedroom wall. I think it was all those teeny tiny blonde curls that rocked him.

Bernice said...

Oh he does do Flocks so well but the new look is fantastic - I confidently forsee BB and The Tormentor swapping hair product tips in their teenage years....

Miss Em said...

Oh, he looks brilliant! And very David Tennant/The Doctor - who is all kinds of awesome and just the kind of role model young boys need - stay in school and read Shakespeare, kids! Have a love of science and travel and books! Be friends with all races and treat women with respect! (Can you tell I'm a bit of a fan of the Doc?! ;P )

Anonymous said...

Cool dude now. Gee he did look abit like you at that age with his hair longer. Memories. I love the new cool look and now for the hair products. Please email me the photos I dont know how to get them from the blog. Big hugs for BB West Aussie

Barb said...

I was thinking, ooh, my Dr Who– obsessed 8 yr old would love that cut...then scrolled down, and lo, David Tennant. Isn't it nice to be raising a child with good taste in heroes?

Loadedog said...

Can I have the hair? For my collection.

ainesse said...

I think he looked absolutely gorgeous in the picture in the middle !!

Mummy/Crit said...

Beautiful boy you have there Ms Duck. Interesting about the short hair=grown up paradox. D had his first haircut just before he was 2 and turned instantly from a sexless baby into a little boy. B looks stunning.

ps doorbitch sez spedisms which is a new kind of -ism...

harry said...

Flock of Seagulls is The One True Haircut of Teh Blogs surely, eh Fyodor?

Also, the middle picture = James McAvoy.
All of you lose points for not spotting this.

Ampersand Duck said...

No way, Jose.
He's never gonna look THAT wimpy.

harry said...

"He's never gonna look THAT wimpy."

# You're saying that your thin, geeky 11year old son is LESS wimpy than James McAvoy?

$20 says McAvoy kicks his arse at recess.

Ampersand Duck said...

You're on, dood :) -- see my post PS

and Loadedog -- if you want, you can have some of mine. I have a collection too!

harry said...

Congratulations Duckie: your rebuttal was to post a picture of your son looking like a soon-to-be mugger and/or street hoodlum.

Fyodor said...

"Flock of Seagulls is The One True Haircut of Teh Blogs surely, eh Fyodor?"

You'd be the expert on that, mate:

As for looking like McAvoy, yeah, kindasorta. Have to say I was pretty relieved when the little tacker didn't end up with that emo haircut in the second picture. *shudder*

"Congratulations Duckie: your rebuttal was to post a picture of your son looking like a soon-to-be mugger and/or street hoodlum."

Mmyah, and I have to say not quite the picture of testosterific ferocity, either.

I've never met Bumblebee so can't say how I'd rate him in a fight against the leprechaunic milquetoast in question, but then McAvoy [whom I haven't met either, FTM] is a very low hurdle. It's just not as simple as Picard vs. Kirk, but I've gotta say that, in general, looking like David Tennant - who is, I gather, considered rather dishy by girls, for some reason I have yet to fathom but I suspect has to do with being non-threatening or having "nice hands" or similar such nonsense - doesn't exactly bellow, in a deep booming voice, "I AM THE ALPHA MALE. SUBMIT TO MY AUTHORITAH".

Ampersand Duck said...

[stands and applauds then ROFL)

That link! My eyes! My ribs!

Well meant, Harry, but Fyodor seems to be my Champion, or at least Bumblebee's.

I don't particularly like that photo of B I put there; for me it's the boy he would be if he didn't listen to his mother :)

Fyodor said...

"Well meant, Harry, but Fyodor seems to be my Champion, or at least Bumblebee's."


Ducky, I should explain at this juncture that if I'm doubtful Bumblebee could take McAvoy in a fight it's a pretty good sign that Punky Brewster could be his champion. That isn't necessarily a good thing.

Now, if you want to see really tough guys, check out these dawgs:

Ampersand Duck said...

Heh, yeah well, I meant more in a dissing kind of fighting style rather than fisticuffs.

We've brought B up to be a pacifist in a negotiate-then-run-away-from-the-action-of-you-fail kinda way, so I have no doubts he'd lose out to 'the leprechaunic milquetoast in question'. And that doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Ampersand Duck said...

And woah, those dawgs look just like the ejits that pick on B at school!

harry said...

Hmmm, if you want to make Bumblebee tougher then I recommend renaming him , say: Nightbeat (porsche 959 turbo),Longtooth (an amphibious car), or Skram (Chevvy corvette).