Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm not really here, just sneaking past the door so you can't see me

Just thought I'd quickly mention that I'm on the Sydney Community Radio Station 2ser tonight at 7pm, on their Book Show, called Final Draft. It'll be podcasted in a couple of days. I'm not sure if I'm up to hearing it myself, but I might get brave. I always sounds a tad squawky (or is that quacky?).

And very late last night, waiting for the PDFs to happen, I made the very airbrushed Manga version of myself above. Can't resist a challenge. The nose is much prettier than mine, and it's the hair I'm heading towards, not the hair I have now, but it'll do.

Back to work. Missing you.


lucy tartan said...

omg that is you - wearing a wig :)

bugger, she's gone.

genevieve said...

That's a good manga - great hairdo, too.

I feel like copying all you guys' mangas into a post including one for me, so it won't be lonely.

Best of luck with everything, work, medical and otherwise, Duck, and I will look out for that podcast.

Hil said...

Hey, just catching up here! Yes, hope everything works out well over the next little while. I have been snowed under with work, too, and getting ready to go away, so I think the coffee will have to wait, unfortunately.

BTW thanks for mentioning Kentridge. I won't be able to see it, but my daughter who is also very interested in his stuff was able to, and said it was just amazing.

Mindy said...

I did one too, I'd better post it. I can now see how difficult it would be to be a Police Sketch artist. I had to look in the mirror to make sure I got (very roughly) my own face right.

Anonymous said...

Why Miss Jane Miss Jane, you've not changed a bit. Just a squiggle here and there and the blackboard has rendered a near enough likeness me thinks. I'm all for avatars. Having just gone platinum blonde, you could say I'm becoming an ironic version of myself. Who said there were lines between blog/internet/farcebook/life?
Say hello to my favourite Mr Jam Maker for me, the lime and ginger is utterly superior.

Kathleen said...

My goodness, that is identical to my one - just change the hair colour to the hideous burgundy excuse for titian that they had, and it's mine: same glasses, same face shape, same nose, same lines on the cheeks. Bizarre.

The five face templates according to manga.

Janine said...

Cute manga! Have you grown your hair, or is it a virtual wig?

Best of luck with everything - the op and the work :)