Sunday, August 17, 2008

Far away in time...

Sigh. Well, that was a lovely weekend. Here's a quick glimpse:

The window
This is the view from the bedroom window of our cabin. Unfortunately I took it at the wrong time of the morning so you miss the view right down to the beach. The trees on the right belong to the clearing where we got married. It's the same cabin as well... not an anniversary, just a favorite place.

Depot beach
This is Depot Beach, as you walk down the path towards it from the cabin. The figures you can see are (not in order) Bumblebee, Best Beloved, Bernice Balconey and her lad, all playing piggy-in-the-middle frisbee on the sand. I joined in and spent quite a lot of time as piggy, because I am shite at frisbee.

BB at pebbly beach
This is a rare sighting of Bernice, admiring the view from the neighbouring beach once we'd walked there. It's very confusing -- Depot Beach is 'next' to Pebbly Beach, which is a lovely sandy beach, but in-between the two is an extremely pebbly beach, made up of nothing but stones, but it's not officially Pebbly Beach. Please explain.

This is the view she's looking at. This photo is revisiting this photo (a bit).

feeding the bird
And just to be fair, here is a rare sighting of a relaxed &Duck, pleasuring a fellow feathered friend. She has a day-old new haircut that is looks nothing like it did the day before.*

feeding birds
Feeding birds and kangaroos is a vital part of the Depot charm. Here is Bernice's young-un, about to lure a bird onto his arm by lifting his hand slightly. At Depot you can walk about pretending you're a pirate, with yer trusty parrot on yer shoulder. Arrrr!

bird between the legs
Or under your legs. Depot birds are not shy, and don't really care if you're sitting on a step. If there's seed under your legs, they'll go there. (I called this photo 'bird between the legs'. I'm curious how many views it will get from horny searchers.)

greedy kangaroo
The kangaroos aren't shy either. This one wouldn't let me go until she'd had her way with the seed in my hand. Let's have another look at those claws, shall we?

kangaroo claws
Over a day later, I still have the claw indents on my wrist! Cheeky sod.

So we ate well (very well), we drank well, we slept well, I read two complete books, and now I have NO EXCUSE. I am rested. For now.

I hope your weekend was spiffing as well...

* My fab hairdresser and I are working on a plan to lengthen my hair (I am growing it, which is another entire blog post). When she asked me what I wanted next, I replied ' Russian Constructivist bob. Think Natalya Goncharova!' 'Wah?', she said. 'Sigh. Cate Blanchett in the latest Indiana Jones movie.' 'AAAHHHH! OK!' she said. I still have too many layers to make it a proper bob, but it won't take too long to get it there.


M-H said...

Rare sighting indeed. And a welcome one. Not sure about the bob - although bobbing heads are of course very avian.

fifi said...

aaaah! what can i say?

beloved and beautiful place, beautiful creatures of all kinds, (wow! how diligent! I can't seem to manage any kind of decent post these days!)


nataliya goncharova HAIRCUT hahahahah
russian constructivist BOB!
just don't go the Malevich, you may end up bald.

naomi said...

ah, lovely depot ... one of my favouritist places in the whole world (was before your wedding, even more so since it)

Ampersand Duck said...

Heh. The bob is only a pathway to longer hair. I hate having hair around my face, it either needs to be long enough to put back or short enough to stay off. The next six months or so will be extremely frustrating.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

ahhhh rested... how lovely!

and the south coast, yummy - although I specialise in Upper South Coast and/or Lower Illawarra. which one sounds posher? from about Werri Beach to Booderee is my turf, focussing on Seven Mile and Currarong ;-)

I've only been to Pebbly Beach once, but the people I was camping with were alternately amused and appalled as the kangaroos swiped the snags off our barbie and trashed our tents looking for more booty!

Mummy/Crit said...

Thank you for my latest ear worm, ducky dear! Actually in 1989 at the law revue there was a skit called "eco bitch" about vacuous economics students that was very funny.

I hear you on the hair saga. Mine is the longest it's been for 10 years, and I'm starting to get sick of it (think baby vomit in the end of a plait and you'll get the picture), but I know if I cut it off I'll regret it instantly, and my hair takes so long to grow I'd be wating another 4 years to get it to here!