Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I can has skates?

Ellis Hutch has pointed me to a new use for LOLz: Roller Derby!

Ellis is valiantly attempting to bring Roller Derby to Canberra. I missed the initial meeting and haven't found out how it went -- I dream of being back on my skates, but I seem to miss every opportunity (thanks to my printing obsession), and with the way my body is creaking and groaning, I fear I will be shite at any skating revival. My skates -- black and red soccer boot style -- are in the shed, wistfully waiting. Sigh.


genevieve said...

I can haz my envy. This duck is too clever.

ellis hutch said...

Hey Duckie,

Any time we advertise a social skate - all are welcome to come along regardless of skill level or commitment to actually becoming a derby skater - so do come if you have a chance! (I only put on skates for the first time in 13 years a few months ago.

We'll be continuing to recruit skaters as we build the league so there'll be plenty of opportunities to get into derby or just hang out on skates coming up in the next year.

Anyone interested in finding out about us, we're on facebook under the name of Canberra Roller Derby and at


Ellis aka Bullseye Betty

Ampersand Duck said...


Thanks. If I can just get to one of the social skates, I will be a happy womanz.

I will be highly recommending the sessions to anyone with the guts to get vertical on teh skates.

ellis hutch said...

Excellent, I do recommend a helmet - I smacked my head on the ground last week - got a nice lump. I also went and saw an actual bout in Adelaide last weekend - it was a blast!