Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Toymaker

When I was researching my origami and pop-up class, I stumbled upon the delightful world of The Toymaker. This person loves to draw, and loves to make, and has built a website to delight even the hardest cynic.

If you click her link above, you'll find the page of free downloadable paper toys, to be printed in colour and constructed. I'm going to make the Tyrannosaurus Rex one for Bumblebee for his birthday tomorrow (not enough time to make an original card, am still wrapping presents and constructing party bags -- paper bags, very sick of plastic bags chucked the instant the lollies are eaten). He's having a LASERZONE party, ten boys running around a darkened maze with all manneer of weaponry, pretending to slaughter each other. Sigh. I hope he's not too old for a dinosaur card.

Apparently The -- American -- Toymaker is travelling or has travelled around Australia recently. She has a charming map that she's drawn to show her destinations. I've included it because I love 'Glandstone', a very sweet typo.

Bumblebee got his first salon haircut yesterday. He picked out a photo in a men's hair magazine and the hairdresser made him look EXACTLY like it. Today, of course, it looks utterly different, and he was a bit disappointed. Welcome to my world, I said to him. Mind you, it still looked fabulous. Can't go wrong with a bone structure like his...

Ahh, birthdays. I never knew until I had a child that children's birthdays involve a certain amount of the parents reminiscing about the birth. Have I ever blogged B's birth? hmm... I'll have to check the archives.


Mummy/Crit said...

Ooh Ooh. I don't think you've blogged his birth, and I'd love to hear that story!

Maybe we ought to tag people for their birth stories - I don't think I've ever blogged D'Arcy's either. I have a written version in a diary I was keeping at the time, basically writing it for him to read later... I haven't kept one for this one though.

I think that people don't ever pay enough attention to the mother on a child's birthday. It ought to ab a celebration of her achievment too. So Happy Birthday Duckie!

Good luck with the laser boys. I can imagine myself there in a couple of years if the fascination with guns and light sabres doesn't let up soon.

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday to Bumblebee and less stress for his lovely Mum hopefully. At least they can exhaust themselves at Lazerzone.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

Happy Birthday to the Bumblebee!

and I agree w mummycrit... happy reminiscences to the mummies too!

Make sure you get to relax with a nice glass of something when it's all over :-)

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

btw -


the Toymaker!

what a treasure :-)