Friday, April 25, 2008

Lest we lose sight of this

Dear RSL,

As much as I respect and honour the efforts and sacrifices made by our soldiers and nurses during the various conflicts our governments have wantonly entered us into, I do wish you'd get your hand off it regarding what is and isn't appropriate on ANZAC Day.

The idea of hot air balloons being offensive to the memory of Our Dead Boys is ripsnortingly absurd. Surely it is a perfect metaphor for the amount of hot air that arises when debating matters of war?

I popped down to the shops today to use an ATM machine and noticed that while many shops were closed, all the cafes and fast food outlets are open. Surely the idea of being able to buy fries with your poppy is more offensive?

And while we're at it, surely the pubs should stay closed. I can't think of anything more offensive to the memory of the Revered Dead than a bunch of people getting completely whacked on such a sacred day, can you? Especially now that the government is clamping down on binge drinking.

I personally think that many things are appropriate on ANZAC Day, since surely being joyously alive and enjoying yourself freely is a fitter tribute to a large amount of people who tragically lost their ability to do so so that we could do so...

Yours respectfully,



Michelle said...

I would love to co-sign that letter.

Anonymous said...

Yes, those army types really are a capricious lot, aren't they? So hot air balloons are terribly offensive but to don a k.k.k. uniform is a great way to 'let off steam'??