Monday, July 02, 2007

Squeaky blog fun

I thought, since I need to know for the workshop mentioned below, that I'd brush up on the developments in Blogger template technology. I've fixed that annoying double comments thing that was lurking in my own template, but I'm loath to tinker further with it because I like it (for now...).

So I started a new blog, just for practice. Feel free to interact with it if you'd like, cause I probably won't spend a lot of time on it. I'm trying to write posts for about three other blogs as it is at the moment, and failing dismally. But I'm more than happy to mount other people's posts on it if you feeling like playing with the kitties. There are some fun links on it.

1 comment:

Val said...

More posts in Book Studio blog please!

I just braved the wilds of Ikea and bought myself a craft table with adjustable height. Now I can sit or stand while doing my book thing! Bliss!