Saturday, July 21, 2007

1 minute to go...

As I type Best Beloved and Bumblebee are at their local Dymocks store playing Harry Potter games and waiting for the first box of Book 7 to be opened. No doubt they will come straight home, jump on our bed and start reading aloud for as long as their voices hold out.

I will wait until they have finished, and by then I should have done all the work I need to do this weekend, have recovered from the slight hangover I incurred from spending seven delightful hours in the company of Zoe, Laura and Dorian (and, for a chunk of it, Cristy and Lily), and have done a wee bit of exercise. Then I can indulge.

If you're a HP fan, happy reading! If not, have a good weekend your own way... and either way, check out Mr Lee's catcam!


BB walked in a little while ago brandishing a book bag and saying

I got it!

Show me!
I said.

He reached in and pulled out Christopher Hitchen's God is Not Great.

Bumblebee rushed in soon afterwards, brandishing the real HP7, a poster and a $50 pizza voucher he won for dressing up. Finally, validation for his efforts. It's been a long week.

Tea was made, stories told about fun times in the store and a Freddo frog tossed into my lap, souvenired from the masses of frogs tossed around at the time. Then they settled down onto our big bed. BB said 'OK, let's start' and reached for HP1. After B had finished howling 'NO! We're not starting again' through his giggles, BB commenced. He started with the title page, and then read out the entire copyright page. And then it began. I'm doing my best to tune out as I format a client's PhD thesis about the Maternal Gaze in Photography, but I think I'll have to shut my door. BB does the voices too well!


Mummy/Crit said...

Well, I'm excited! But not excited enough to drag myself out of my PJs to the shop to pick mine up yet...

I did look at the cat-cam though. Very good, though Jay is horrified. He thinks 'cat people' are weird.

Ampersand Duck said...

And we are, Jay, no doubt about it. Unashamedly weird.

Zoe said...

Is there any room on the bed? Can I come over?

Ampersand Duck said...

Heh. They've moved out to sit in the back yard in the sun, so anyone walking past will cop an earful.

I, on the other hand, am sitting in the coldest room in the house wishing I had a pair of fingerless gloves. My hands are like iceblocks. I just tried to make the sign of the world's smallest violin to myself for feeling self-pity, but my fingers won't bend!

Amanda said...

Hee. I never got into HP -- only read one of the books and that was because I was in Bulgaria and it was the only thing to hand inna da English although I did like the movies (on one notable Aeroflot flight they played the first one continuously on loop for 10 hours.)

However I have -- to my great surprise, I thought I'd feel snide -- really enjoyed reading about/seeing on telly the Potter-mania. This post, the ones at Pav's etc have brought a smile to my face. I think it might be having many obsessions of my own that leave me breathless and sleepless wih excitement at their impending happening. I enjoy my own freako obsessions and other peoples'!