Sunday, July 22, 2007

Potterblogging: photojournalism at its best

I gave Bumblebee my camera to capture the excitement yesterday. This is what I got:

a very impressive beard

Green cloak
Someone wore a green cloak

black cloak
Apparently this fellow was doing really cool magic tricks but Bumblebee didn't want to get in his way.

green cloak again
It's a nice shiny green cloak, isn't it?

black cloak again
Not many heads atop costumes! Maybe that comes from being small...

He did take one great photo, which I think captures the essence of that day:

HP boxes

But seriously, if you want a good visual essay, visit Pav.

Meanwhile, I think they're halfway through. Best Beloved's voice is hanging in there, and I'm getting lonely and antsy. At least the cats get to wander in and listen to bits when they feel like it. I'm tempted to go out and buy a second copy...


Mummy/Crit said...

Ah. I stood in a queue at Borders for about 45 mins yesterday lunchtime, but forgot to take my camera. I enjoyed the stacks of 'embargoed' boxes. As for the book, I found it satisfying, in the main. You can borrow my copy if it all gets too much for you.

genevieve said...

Oh, great photos. It will be good for him to look back on anyway. THe embargo pic is a ripper.

My resident articled clerk sat up till 2 am this morning reading her copy instead of studying for a test! I went in to say goodnight to M. at 11 and she was sitting on her bed with Harry, full of guilty pleasure...:) Might have to get her to review it for me in a week or two.

fifi said...

I exercised every ounce of restraint to avoid using daughter's new HP as a disciplinary tool..

"I'LL have that young lady, since you've been answering back!"

agh. I'll wait.

fifi said...

oh, ps, I think the world has a new star photo-journo.