Wednesday, May 23, 2007

They Refuse to be Victims

Bernie Slater and Julian Laffan, two very up and coming Canberra printmakers with their politics in the right place, have work in the latest exhibition at the ANU School of Art Gallery, Thresholds of Tolerance. They are part of a collective called Culture Kitchen, incorporating Australian, East Timorese and Indonesian artists, raising awareness of human rights issues in the Australasian region. The series of images, printed onto large (and portable!) white sheets using various techniques such as woodblock, screenprinting and stencil spraying, are titled We Refuse to be Victims.

We Refuse to become Victims: Human rights

They have just been profiled on triplej, and you may catch them talking on the radio over the next few days. If you are in Canberra it is worth a trip to the gallery to see the real thing and to see the video footage the Australian team shot whilst travelling through the region. The exhibition is on until 5 June 2007.

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fifi said...

This looks like a worthwhile show to se, I hope to be in canberra soon so I may get the chance.

O love all your printing and pressing activities, i loved that letterpressy thing on the book studio blog that when I saw the rack of little metal letters I "thought I should have vomited" in excitement.

I hope you dont mind if I link you.

Ampersand Duck said...

you go right ahead, fifi, and welcome to my corner of the world. I wish I could blog about letterpress every day, but alas, there's other distractions...