Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Remember to breathe

straight lines

She's cut down
On her lovers --
Though she still dreams
Of them at night.

She's growing straight lines
Where once were flowers;
She is streamlined,
She is taking the shade down
From the light

To see the straight lines,
Straight lines.

Suzanne Vega

Well, that's what was going through my head on Sunday when I looked up and saw this in the sky.


Anonymous said...

hey you. I should be down next week i hope thats in time to show the kids some notebooks.
the MONTHLY magazine is holding a preview screening of ROMULUS, MY FATHER on 23 may, i think you can rsvp, ney must rsvp, through
I expect i shall see it at some point but thought this info might be of particular use to your household??

Ampersand Duck said...

Hey B
That should be great; the class is on Mondays -- are you able to be here for either next monday or the one after?

We already saw a preview screening the day before yesterday with the AFI! Haven't blogged it yet, but for anyone reading this, it's an *excellent* movie (although BB thought it was a bit jumpy).

Dorian said...

Never knew I liked them but I actually think the new Silverchair song (Straight Lines) is brilliant.