Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Revolving Swonnicles

I made a comment in the last post, but realised I should post it, as I might get a better response. It's about that little clip I linked, with the singing test-i-cley

I found the actual post it belongs to fascinating -- the only other man to mention revolving testicles in my consciousness is Spike Milligan, and most of the time you think he made that sort of stuff up to get a laugh.

I know that film clip is sped up, but do testicles really do that? How often? How fast?

My man is travelling around Australia this week, so I can't ask him until he gets back -- not the sort of thing you ask on the phone! So come on, all you men of my [virtual] acquaintance, 'fess up. You probably hear female plumbing stories all the time. Give me some male plumbing deets.

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