Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas Event Number 3458629038547, only 3848394 to go

Just been hanging out at byrd's booty-tique. Had a DOH! moment when I realised I'd forgotten my camera. Never mind. Look at his website, and what you see is what we saw, except for all the bits on walls. I bought part of an edition which is a bit like an advertising intervention -- he's taken one of those tabloid advertising liftouts, about A1 in size, and sprayed bits of graffiti through the pages. My favorite is the centre spread, with a very cool-looking male model, and a equally vapid female looking opposite ways, with a demonic skater skeletal figure bursting through the centre of them. Oh, for a scanner! That will be my first infrastructure purchase for 2006.

A lot of admiration for my Orange Pelorian Cat bag. It's been going lots of places with me (including to dinner with a famous acronym in Bathurst), but nowhere so appreciated as among a crowd of people enjoying the funky street art. Have I mentioned how much I love that bag? The pocket holds my mobile and clip-on sunnies, and the rest holds EVERYTHING. I'm having a week of being grateful. Today the gratitude goes south to Laura.

Feeling happy because I had my last day at the art school today in my present incarnation. Hopefully in the next few months I will be reborn into a better life. Chatted to a Very Important Person Who Has a Lot of Sway today and he lifted my spirits immeasureably. So much so that I had the energy to brave the shops again and have got all my presents except one. And I know exactly where that one can be bought. Not quite time for that big deep breath but getting damn close. Hold that thought.

Oh -- and absolute turn-up Brownie Points to Dean, who not only came to the meet the other day, but rolled up to byrd's today and as a reward got to meet one of the Coalition of Sedition dudes. Onya Dean!

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