Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The spotlight of attention has spun around and glared in my eyes (in the nicest way).

I have been written up in Carolyn Fraser's guest spot on The Design Files. Carolyn, having trained in the US and earned her stripes of excellence, is probably Australia's most experienced letterpress practitioner under the age of 50. She produces wonderful work and I hope she gets to feature some of it this week in the blog. I can't wait to read her other posts... she's already covered the wedding invite industry and me, what lovely things will she fill the rest of the week with? My heart is pitter-patting.

I also overlooked a post written by Meliors, a lovely NZ artist who does a bit of letterpress alongside her main practice, which is, at the moment, making fabulous icebergs from wool and felt. She made a book called 'Response', which was sent all around the world to various interested people who contributed pages, including myself. That link will take you to my page.

So there you go. Nice things being said while I beaver away cleaning out my garage and panic about having enough time to get things right before I move the press.

I'll leave you with the most personally astonishing cat video... I keep watching it, gobsmacked. Amazing cat!


Elephant's Child said...

That spotlight looks very well deserved. Some beautiful pieces.

And that cat video - a friend sent it to me, and I too was amazed. Clever, clever animal. I bet the humans in its life are v happy it doesn't have opposable thumbs.

Fiona Dempster said...

Congrats on the nice spotlighting - all well deserved! I love how the cat kind of says - oh you're watching so I'd better go back to being a cat. What an amazing creature!

elsewhere said...

Congrats! I have been reading over your blog, catching up on the posts I missed and enjoying them very much, esp the ones about the school experience.

Just to let you know: when I played the cat clip, both cats looked up from the couch. Lulu leapt off and looked round the back of the couch for the barking cat then came over to the computer table to investigate.