Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All tomorrow's waiting line

I'm sitting here at home, listening to Iva Davies' splendid version of 'All Tomorrow's Parties' from his cover album The Berlin Tapes. I decided to have a home day, since Bumblebee has spent most of his holidays away from home, and he's needing a good lie around in his pyjamas doing very little.

I also need to get myself organised; I have piles of neglected bills and receipts and taxy things that need sorting, and I hate sorting piles of stuff like that. New Zealand is T minus 17 days, and there is a lot to do before I go, not least sorting out my studio so that my friend Nicci can sublet it from me.

I finally defeated the Passport Monster who preyed upon my inability to pay attention to the quite obviously displayed directions and kept rejecting my attempts to get a child's passport. Getting B's father to sign the form once was amazingly seamless; having to get him to do it a second time was frustrating... we very rarely see each other when there is anyone else around not related to us (we do hostage swaps at roadside rest stops along the highway, etc), so when his car broke down I took the opportunity to drive up & get the boy and we got the tow-truck driver to be our witness. Sheesh. Anyhoo, now Bumblebee is the proud possessor of a passport, and he can travel to meet up with me later in September.

Yesterday I printed the first layer of some miniature posters for the upcoming Call of the Small exhibition at Craft ACT, curated by The Shopping Sherpa. Here's a pic:

call of the red

I'm using Warm Red, which always looks absolutely stunning on the metal rollers of the press. The posters will be about the size of a large postage stamp each, and they will all be black and white and red, one of my favorite combinations. They will each feature an animal (I have some lovely little image blocks bought from teh interweb a number of years ago) and have the first letter of the animal prints in large friendly red letters. Rat, Owl, Frog, Dragonfly, and one that is just an ampersand, because we all love ampersands.

Since it's cold and currently very damp, they'll take a couple of days to dry before I can keep working, so having a day at home is quite convenient. Best Beloved has gone to Adelaide for work for a couple of days, so it's just the two of us. Apart from cooking a nice overdue meal for The Shopping Sherpa tonight, we're going to kick back a bit and flollop (as much as my whizzing T-17days brain will let me).

My music has moved on to Zero 7, 'The Waiting Line'... mmmm. OK, I need to tackle a pile. Any pile.


JahTeh said...

You have just reminded me that my passport is due to be re-newed early next year. It means having a new photo taken, I mean 10 years older now and the younger photo was horrible enough.

Anonymous said...

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